What's an alternative worksheet maker to Google Forms for Teachers?

Google Forms is always the online worksheet maker that gets pushed at Teachers because it comes with Google Classroom. But it is not the only worksheet maker out there. TeacherMade is a great alternative to Google Forms worksheets. We’ve rounded up some reasons why TeacherMade is the best alternative to Google Forms. They will also give you some real-world advice on how to use it in your classroom. 

Teacher Using TeacherMade Worksheet maker

Don’t remake all of your worksheets

If you’ve used Google Forms, you know that you have to start from scratch. This can be incredibly frustrating as a Teacher who has cultivated materials and resources through the years. Fifth-grade Teacher Katy M. found herself “frantically trying to make everything virtual, I began using Google Forms regularly.” She found TeacherMade because she grew frustrated with Google Forms. “I found myself trying to transform the quiz and/or worksheet, but then I wound up completely remaking it,” says Katy. 

TeacherMade allows Teachers to create online digital worksheets that look just like traditional paper and pencil worksheets. Simply upload your worksheet file. (We support PDFs, images, and many other file types.) Your worksheet becomes the background image for your digital worksheet. From there, you can add your question types on top of the background. Our auto-grading functions even do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes time to grade.

More Functionality

TeacherMade is also a more versatile worksheet maker and makes the perfect Google Forms alternative. Katy M. loves the functionality that TeacherMade has compared to Google Forms. She explains, “With TeacherMade, you can add text over pictures and embed links right into the question without putting them into separate sections. You can also align them so they are next to each other which makes the quiz or worksheet seem not as long or tedious to students.” TeacherMade also has a larger variety of question types:

    • Short answer
    • Fill in the blank
    • Open answer questions
    • Essay questions
    • Multiple Choice
    • Checkbox
    • Check all that apply
    • Dropdown
    • True/False
    • Hotspots
    • Matching

With Google Forms, you can be limited in how you ask questions. Often you have to change your worksheets to fit Google Form’s limited functionality. But TeacherMade makes it easier for you to adapt worksheets you already have with our versatile tools. 

TeacherMade is a secure way to deliver effective assessment

TeacherMade makes it easy to deliver secure and effective assessments online for your students. Science Teacher, Tiffany S., loves using TeacherMade compared to Google Forms for assessment. She explains that “ TeacherMade again was my method of choice for assessments” Tiffany loves the options of TeacherMade. She doesn’t find as much versatility in creating questions in Google Forms, “While there is an option to key out Google forms, you are still limited to multiple-choice, checkboxes, T/F questions for accurate keys.” 

She also has some concerns with how secure Google Forms can be for assessment, colleagues and I noted that students were able to access the correct answers if they were tech-savvy enough.”  That led to an extra step of creating the key and updating everything after the assessment was completed when using Google Forms.  Tiffany is planning on using TeacherMade, even more, this school year. She says, “Moving into next school year though, I plan to convert some of these labs into TeacherMade activities so as to take advantage of all of the perks and time-saving options available!“

Make online worksheets that look identical to paper worksheets

Teachers and students like the look and feel of traditional worksheets. That is one of the biggest hurdles of digitizing worksheets and putting them online. TeacherMade makes online worksheets that look identical to paper worksheets. Elementary Teacher Jennifer T. explains, “ I prefer to use TeacherMade. I like how the document “looks” when it is uploaded to TeacherMade. It is identical to a paper copy.” She finds that students are more motivated, and they have an easier time working through the assignment. She reasons that “students are more enthusiastic to complete an assessment when it looks nice. Similarly how elementary school children are drawn to books with pictures or graphics rather than all text.” Google Forms always looks like Google Forms. But with TeacherMade, you are taking your own worksheets with their own unique designs, and turning them into intuitive online assignments. 

Integrates into many LMS platforms including Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology

What happens when your school elects to use an LMS platform that is different than Google Classroom? It happens all the time, budget cuts cause school systems to make drastic changes. Google Forms is obviously integrated with Google Classroom. But what about other LMS platforms like Canvas and Schoology? TeacherMade integrates with Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology. Teacher May Y. loves this about TeacherMade. She says this integration frees up so much time, “Because my students could quickly see their scores, it makes the assignment more relevant. It also frees up time for me to engage with students in other ways, such as individual conferencing or reteaching a lesson.”

TeacherMade Is The Best Alternative To Google Forms For Online Worksheets For Students

It’s never been easier to digitize your online worksheets. Don’t feel intimidated by bringing your worksheets online for your students. Teacher May Y. explains why she prefers TeacherMade:

“With all the new TeacherMade Pro tools, Teachers can make the worksheet even more interactive for students. For example, Teachers can have students record an audio or video of themselves reading or sharing a reflection about the assignment and link the recording right into the digital worksheet. Students can also highlight, underline, circle, and box sections of the assignment and link or attach an explanation of why that section was meaningful or striking to them. Students can even branch out from ideas in the passage and attach images, videos, or other writings that present a different angle on the issues and themes of the passage.”

Try TeacherMade today, and join thousands of Teachers who have already dropped Google Forms for TeacherMade for their online worksheets.