Apps that integrate with Schoology: Use TeacherMade to make online assignments and digital activities

Are you tired of making worksheets in Schoology? Making online worksheets and assignments can be frustrating when there is limited functionality. There is a way to upgrade your worksheet creator and still have assignments that integrate with your Schoology LMS. Read on to find out how.

Schoology app integration

Why should you pick apps with Schoology integration capability?

Picking apps that integrate with Schoology simplifies your workflow and is easier for students to follow along. 

It’s simple for you to make digital homework and interactive activities.

It’s tough to juggle several apps when teaching online. Pick the apps that make the most sense for you and your students. When creating an assignment online, it must be simple for you to create assignments, assign them to students, grade them, and get them into your grade book. Apps like TeacherMade help you do all of these tasks. 

It’s easy for your students to access through Schoology integration.

You can really lose students along the way when they have to shuffle through a lot of apps. When you use an app that integrates with Schoology, you’re just asking students to log on to Schoology. They can jump right into the online assignment from there. You don’t have to worry about different log-ins and directions for toggling between apps. 

Why should you use TeacherMade for online worksheets?

TeacherMade makes it easy for you to use worksheets, PDFs, and other files that you already have and turn them into digital worksheets. Your online worksheets will feel like traditional worksheets, and you will spend less time creating online interactive activities. 

With TeacherMade, it only takes a few minutes to create online worksheets. 

    • Step 1: Upload your file to TeacherMade. Your file becomes the background of your online activity.
    • Step 2: Add questions to any part of the activity. If you can create a PowerPoint, you can add questions to TeacherMade. We offer a variety of question choices, so you can always ask the right question. 
    • Step 3: Add an answer key for questions, or choose to grade some questions by hand. 
    • Step 4: Post your assignment in Schoology, and have students complete it.
    • Step 5: Use auto-grading features to grade assignments in minutes. Leave personalized feedback on questions that matter most. Because TeacherMade is connected to Schoology, your grade book gets automatically updated.

How do I set up TeacherMade as an External Tool in Schoology?

It’s simple connecting TeacherMade to Schoology. Here’s the how-to guide to get started. 

Has your Schoology Administrator already set up TeacherMade as an External Tool in your system?

TeacherMade must be installed as an External Tool Provider by your Administrator before you begin using it in courses. If it has not been set up yet, have your Schoology administrator contact us at for a consumer key and support.

The BEST thing about adding TeacherMade to your Schoology Course is that your students can view and complete their assignments without ever leaving Schoology…and their grades will be automatically entered into your Schoology grade book!

Here’s how to get started:

    • Create a TeacherMade worksheet, or select one that you’ve already created.
    • Click on the 3 dots next to the worksheet, and select Assign Worksheet.
    • Edit the Assignment Name (if necessary) – this is the name your students will see
    • “How will this assignment be delivered?” – Select Schoology from the list beneath and click Next.

Score and grading options for Schoology worksheets

    • Select your options for what your students will see, and then click Next in the bottom right corner.
      • Choose tools and options for the student, and select Save. TeacherMade will give you the External Tool URL that you will use to set up the assignment in Schoology.
      • COPY the External Tool URL

Now you’re ready to create the assignment in Schoology

    • Login to Schoology and go to the course where you want to add the worksheet.
    • Select Add Materials, and then choose Add File/Link/External Tool from the dropdown menu, and then choose External Tool.

This is the last set of steps. Take a look at the image below before you begin:

    1. Select TeacherMade as the Tool provider. (If you don’t see this choice, your Schoology administrator has not set up the integration yet. Click here for more information.)
    2. Give your assignment a Title.
    3. Paste the External Tool URL you copied from TeacherMade in the URL box.
    4. Check the Enable Grading box. If this box is NOT checked, the work won’t show up in your gradebook.
      • You should assign points. TeacherMade will tell Schoology what percent the student received, then Schoology will take the percentage and multiply it by the number of points that you assign here to arrive at the score you see in the Gradebook. The Gradebook score will be updated any time it changes in TeacherMade, such as when you enter a custom score or re-open a worksheet for a student.
    5. Fill in any other options you want, and then click Submit.

That’s all! Once this is saved, your students will be able to see and complete the worksheet.

Here are a few tips:

    • You (the teacher) will NOT be able to view the worksheet in the Schoology the way your students will. Instead, clicking on the worksheet link will take you to the assignment detail screen in TeacherMade, where you can see (and grade) all of the completed work toward your assignment.
    • Depending on how you set up the scoring on your assignment in TeacherMade, your students won’t be able to see their grades in Schoology until you grade and return the work.

Start using the most intuitive worksheet creator for teachers!