Teacher Burnout: Combat Teacher Burnout With TeacherMade

Teachers give a lot each day to their students. But educators are reporting higher levels of burnout than ever before. Burnout threatens to push teachers out of the profession. This leads to teacher shortages, schools with inexperienced teacher leaders, and less support for the remaining teachers. The teacher shortage compounds. 

But teacher burnout doesn’t have to be permanent in your school. There are strategies that school leaders and administrators can do to help reduce teacher shortages. Equip teachers with the right tools to make their work more effective and lighten their load.

Teacher Burnout

Signs of teacher burnout

Symptoms of teacher burnout include emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a reduced sense of personal accomplishment. 

  • Emotional exhaustion is characterized by feelings of being emotionally overextended and drained by one’s work. 
  • Depersonalization is characterized by a negative and cynical attitude towards students, colleagues, or the profession. 
  • Reduced personal accomplishment is characterized by a sense of failure and lack of success in one’s work with students.

These feelings drain teachers. But school leaders can address the causes of teacher burnout to prevent widespread teacher shortages.

Causes of teacher burnout

Teachers are exhausted, overworked, and tired. But the cause of this stems from many sources in schools. Teacher burnout can be caused by a variety of factors such as heavy workloads, lack of autonomy, inadequate support and resources, lack of professional development opportunities, and poor working conditions.

How Can TeacherMade Help With Teacher Burnout?

TeacherMade can help to reduce teacher burnout in several key ways such as: 

  • automating grading tasks
  • enhancing collaboration
  • providing real-time feedback
  • personalizing instruction
  • improving communication 
  • offering professional development opportunities

Automating repetitive tasks

TeacherMade is a productivity tool that can help to automate repetitive tasks, such as grading and record-keeping, which can free up teachers’ time and reduce their workload. This lets teachers focus on what matters most– teaching, relationships, and maintaining work/life balance. 

With TeacherMade, you can add PDF and image files to our platform, and TeacherMade converts them to online interactive activities if you include an answer key, then TeacherMade auto grades the assignment as well.

TeacherMade is intuitive. Not only will your online assignments look and feel like traditional assignments, but we also auto-draw answer boxes onto the assignments you upload to the TeacherMade system using our new AutoMagic feature. So you don’t have to recreate your assignments to digitize them, and you can convert them into digital activities in minutes!

Enhancing collaboration

TeacherMade can foster collaboration among teachers, allowing them to share resources and ideas, and to work together to solve problems. The Co-Teacher feature lets Teachers use each other’s digital activities with ease. And the Co-Teacher feature is especially helpful for coordinating with Special Education Teachers, Teacher Aides, and other classroom support specialists. Instead of time-consuming meetings to coordinate curriculum materials, it can all be done in TeacherMade now.

Providing real-time feedback

TeacherMade provides teachers with real-time feedback on their students’ progress, which can help them to adjust their instruction and better meet the needs of their students. And students receive feedback at the moment of learning via the “Check My Answers” button in the student player. Because of it, students of all achievement levels engage more deeply with the curriculum and their learning tasks. Students get more out of feedback without teachers spending hours grading traditional assignments. 

Personalizing instruction

TeacherMade makes personalized instruction a reality. It’s so quick to make different versions of an activity. It’s also very easy to give personalized feedback to each student. Reducing teacher burnout while increasing student engagement and learning is in TeacherMade’s DNA. Our secret is making it easy to personalize learning materials teachers already know and use. 

Improving communication

TeacherMade improves communication between teachers and students, as well as between teachers and parents. When integrated with LMS like Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology, Teachers have their students’ work at their fingertips for parent-teacher conferences and other parent communications.

Offering Professional Development

TeacherMade offers free professional development resources for Teachers to learn how to use the tools in the most effective way. We also support Professional Development departments with resources that make their training highly effective.

Read how TeacherMade helped this 8th grade ELA teacher “get her life back.”

Give teachers more hours in the day and watch teacher burnout slide away.

When teachers spend too much prepping and grading after school they never get to recharge their batteries. But sometimes that’s the only way to catch up on the workload. When teachers use TeacherMade, they experience the following:

  • Streamlined lesson planning by integrating presentation and assignment materials together
  • Faster (and often instant) grading that gives teachers instant feedback on student feedback.
  • A quick learning curve of a new piece of tech– no overly complicated interfaces. Our drag-and-drop interface makes all of teacher’s existing PDFs, slideshows, and materials easy to use online. 

At its core, TeacherMade is a productivity tool that can help with Teacher Burnout. When you use TeacherMade in the classroom, you cut down on prep time and grading. With a small investment in training, your Teachers can save themselves hours of time each week, leaving them more refreshed and less stressed.