TeacherMade is one of the most feature-rich digital classroom tools available today. If you use Nearpod, Kami, Formative, Classkick, Edulastic, or Pear Deck, then we invite you to explore how TeacherMade’s versatility can save you time and money.

When You Compare Digital Classroom Tools…

TeacherMade stands out as the best in class digital classroom tool because of its autograding, versatility, ease of use– and affordability. TeacherMade does the job of several more expensive products at a much more affordable price point. In some cases, incumbent tools such as Formative cost 3x – 4x as much as TeacherMade. In other cases, like with Kami, the cost is similar but TeacherMade offers much more functionality.

Don’t Let Budget Cuts Leave a Scar

As ESSER funds dry up, cutting back on technology subscriptions doesn’t have to leave a scar. Your teachers, students, and parents have been growing comfortable with technology over the past few years. That’s a good thing! The adoption of digital classroom tools and learning platforms has taken years of investment. There’s no turning back now without leaving a deep gash in your schools.

Get More for Less with TeacherMade

You can replace multiple digital classroom tools with one TeacherMade subscription and actually get MORE CAPABILITY WHILE SAVING BIG BUCKS.

See the table below to compare TeacherMade to your current tools and see what you and your students gain by making the switch to TeacherMade today.

How Does TeacherMade Stack Up to Formative, Peardeck, Nearpod, Kami, and Classkick?