Free Teacher Resources: Must-Have Apps Every First-Year Teacher Should Download Today

Technology today plays an essential part in our daily lives. Teachers nowadays have a wide range of tools that will be in high demand for the foreseeable future.

It is safe to say that the learning era has touched the digital space where teachers and students utilize technology for more convenience. These apps are innovative, and you can use them for many purposes, including communication, project collaboration, feedback, planning lessons, and more.

With the right set of teaching apps, educators and teachers can streamline their activities with effective communication. In this article, we will discuss some must-have apps and free teacher resources that every teacher, especially first-year educators, needs.

free teacher resources

Where Should A New Teacher Start With Their Technology?

When it comes to technology, there are many educational apps for teachers available today. This begs the question; how do you select the right apps with so many options available today? You categorize your requirements and choose the best app under each category. Let us see how you can do so:

Get Organized

The main idea behind getting organized is systematic accessibility. You are organized when you have a clear system in place where everything is accessible to you. 

Of course, organization is a subjective theme, so this category may not apply to all teachers. Thankfully, many apps available can help you with any key tasks that could help with organization, like entering grades, tracking student data, communication, and many others.

Find Apps That Will Help With Communication

In a school environment, communication is crucial. Since the pandemic hit our lives, online classes have become a norm, and communication apps have become a critical part of our lives.

Nowadays, many online apps can help with communication. With the help of these communication apps, teachers can communicate with students and parents seamlessly and more effectively. Selecting the best app is vital because all educators need to create transparency and engagement.

Find Out Typical Resources That Teachers Use At Your School

If you are new to teaching, you can always ask other experienced teachers for help regarding the apps. Most teachers at any school today utilize the same applications when it comes to various aspects of teaching.

These teachers, who often have extensive experience in education, can be precious to new educators and teachers. Instead of trying to find new ways to do something daily, you can ask these teachers about the typical resources they use. While you may not do everything the same way as your colleagues, it will give you something to go on.

Choose Apps That Will Save You Time

Mobile apps and other digital tools are designed to automate tasks and maximize productivity. This will ensure that you will get more work done. As a teacher, it is easy to feel that there are not enough hours in the day to help you complete the necessary tasks.

There are many apps available that can help you manage and save time. These apps streamline all your ongoing tasks and activities, helping you focus on priority tasks and save time.

Make Sure Your Apps Are Approved By Your District

There are a lot of fake apps that you can find in your mobile online store. To weed out these fake apps, you need to ensure that your respective district approves them. School districts often restrict the types of apps allowed to access their networks out of content and cybersecurity concerns.

You cannot utilize any applications not approved by your districts. District-approved apps are often safer, and you can use them without worry.

Practice Each New App And Technology

Another important aspect of learning to use technology as a new teacher is to practice new apps whenever possible. You never want to use an app in class without demoing it for yourself first. 

Using new apps will help you understand so much about its various features. You may even find these new apps much better than the ones you currently use.

Should a first-year teacher use AI and ChatGPT in the classroom?

As a first-year teacher, utilizing ChatGPT can be a valuable tool to save time and enhance your teaching practices. Here are some ways in which ChatGPT can assist you in your role:

Lesson Planning

ChatGPT can help you generate ideas and content for your lesson plans. By providing prompts and guidelines, you can ask ChatGPT to generate creative activities, discussion questions, or even suggest relevant resources and materials. This can save you time brainstorming and research, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your teaching preparation.

Grading Assistance

Grading a large number of assignments and providing individual feedback can be time-consuming. With ChatGPT, you can use its natural language processing capabilities to automate grading for objective assignments like multiple-choice questions or fill-in-the-blank exercises. This allows you to quickly assess student work and allocate more time to review and evaluate subjective assignments that require your expertise.

Personalized Support

ChatGPT can serve as a virtual assistant, providing personalized support to students. If students need clarification on a topic or assistance with a particular concept, you can direct them to interact with ChatGPT. While it cannot replace human guidance, ChatGPT can offer immediate responses and explanations, giving students a preliminary understanding or addressing their immediate concerns. This enables you to prioritize your time and attention to students who require more in-depth assistance.

Communication and Parent Involvement

ChatGPT can help streamline communication with parents. You can use it to create automated responses for frequently asked questions or provide updates on classroom activities and student progress. This ensures that parents receive timely information, reducing the need for repetitive communication and freeing up your time for other instructional tasks.

Resource Recommendation

You may constantly seek new and engaging student resources as a first-year teacher. ChatGPT can suggest age-appropriate books, educational games, or online platforms that align with your teaching objectives. This saves you time by leveraging the vast knowledge and recommendations available through the model.

Turning your AI-created teaching materials into online assignments with TeacherMade is easy!

TeacherMade is the perfect platform to upload AI-generated items from ChatGPT. Our AI teaching tool converts your documents into online assignments. TeacherMade also allows you to upload a grading key to automatically grade your assignments and assessments. 

Free Teacher Resources And Apps For New Teachers

When it comes to useful apps for new teachers, there are many options available. Some of these key apps for new teachers include:

TeacherKit (Organization)

TeacherKit is a classroom organization tool that can help you solve challenges like progress reports, behavior management, attendance, or maintaining a grade book. The app’s interface is intuitive, and you can generate data visualizations with quick swipes and taps. 

Seesaw (Communication)

Seesaw is a communication app that provides teachers and students opportunities to start thinking creatively and demonstrate learning in a new way. Teachers of all grade levels can use this app to store digital portfolios of the student’s work. You will also be able to communicate with their families and share their children’s progress directly. 

Khan Academy (Curriculum)

Khan Academy is a handy and reliable source of academic learning. The app utilizes comment threads, interactive quizzes, short readings, and video lectures. When you enroll in a course, they will provide you with all the materials and video lectures related to that course. While the app primarily caters to primary school children, older students can also benefit. 

TeacherMade (Worksheet Creator)

TeacherMade is a workhorse when it comes to online assignment creation. You can use TeacherMade to convert your paper or PDF assignments into digital worksheets. Then include your answer key to take advantage of TeacherMade’s auto-grading features. TeacherMade integrates with major LMS platforms like Google Classroom, Schoology, and Canvas.