How to Turn PDFs and Paper Worksheets into Google Slides

Turning your paper sheets into interactive worksheets in Google Classroom is possible. It’s not optimal, but neither is a pandemic, right? So, if you’re trying to distribute materials to your students online, this is an option to consider.

Google Slides can transform paper worksheets into materials that students can complete online. None of the other tools in Classroom will work for this. The steps to creating Google Slides for your classroom are fairly straightforward and effective, but slides are not optimized for student use.

6 Steps to an Interactive Worksheet With Google Slides

Follow these simple steps to create an interactive worksheet using Google Slides:

Convert Paper Worksheet to an Image

Before you can use your worksheet in Google Slides, you need to convert the document to an image. There are 3 easy ways that you can turn your paper worksheet into something that can be used in the digital classroom or on a Google Slide.

  • Use your cell phone camera to take a picture of the worksheet
  • Save your PDF as an image (.png, .jpg, .bmp) within Adobe Acrobat DC or Microsoft Word.
  • Use an online tool, such as this free “drag and drop” JPG converter by Adobe, or this one that’s available as Chrome extension.
  • Use Windows Snipping Tool and do a screen capture of your worksheet, then save it as an image.

Using Images of Worksheets in the Digital Classroom

Once you’ve converted your worksheet to an image, follow these steps to create Google Slides.

  1. Upload the image to your Google Drive. Note: Make sure you know where it’s located or what the file name is before continuing!
  2. Open Google Classroom and select “Slides” from the Create+ menu.
  3. Load your worksheet image as the background image for the slide.
  4. Draw text boxes over the area of your worksheet where students type their responses.
  5. Save, then assign the slide to your student roster within Google Classroom.

That’s all there is to it, in theory. Although the process is simple, there are plenty of tricks to make it work well for you and your students.

Several YouTube educators are experts at walking you through the process. Judging by the number of views these videos have received, teachers everywhere are looking for ways to turn their paper sheets into interactive worksheets!

What if we told you that you, and Teachers everywhere, have a better option?

That’s right. There’s an option that’s faster, easier, and with fewer steps than Google Slides. Let’s see how TeacherMade stacks up to Google Slides.

TeacherMade Offers More

The advantages of using TeacherMade are numerous. Unlike Google Slides, students cannot delete or mistakenly alter anything. TeacherMade will also do the grading for you. And because its workflow is so intuitive, TeacherMade is much faster to use.

Unlike Google Slides, the TeacherMade app was specifically designed for classroom use. It supports all kinds of student responses: multiple choice, multi-select, matching, fill-in-the-blank, essays, drop-downs, etc. the list goes on.

TeacherMade is a better option than Google Slides for the online classroom. If you’ve been using Google Slides to digitize your classroom handouts, you need to know about this Teacher’s dream come true.


Like Google Slides, you load a PDF or image of your worksheet onto the screen. Then TeacherMade lets you quickly insert areas where you want the student to enter an answer.

Teachers, your time is more valuable now than ever before.

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Google Slides vs. TeacherMade for Making Interactive Worksheets? You Be The Judge!

Jamie Keet of the Teacher’s Tech YouTube Channel offers a clear and concise, step-by-step video for the worksheet-to-Slides process. He starts with a PDF and converts it into an image using Adobe Acrobat DC. Then, he proceeds with steps 2–6 from above. Be sure to read the comments as there are some useful tips contributed by viewers like you:
Watch Video For Creating Interactive Worksheets From Google Slides.

Dan Spada, the creator of the Ed Tech Show on Youtube and an Instructional Technology Specialist for Ellington Public Schools in Connecticut, is a self-described TeacherMade convert. He did a video in May of 2020 on How To Make Editable PDF Worksheets For Google Classroom Tutorial (Perfect For Remote Teaching). Then in November of 2020 he discovered TeacherMade and shared his excitement in How To Make Auto-Graded Digital Worksheets From PDFs & Images With Teacher Made. Mr. Spada says it best when he proclaims that “TeacherMade blows Google Slides away!”

TeacherMade vs. Google Slides Infographic