How to use technology to prepare for the 2022 Texas STAAR Test

The 2022 Texas STAAR Test will be different than in years past. House Bill 3906 set a full redesign of the annual Texas standardized test into motion. 

One of the primary initiatives of the redesign is a move toward the electronic administration of all assessments. Given that the Texas STAAR Test 2022 is embracing electronic tools for administering this standardized test, it only makes sense for teachers and administrators to do the same!

Let’s dive into this annual event and uncover a few ways you can best help your students prepare for the STAAR Test without adding more to your already full plate.

Technology and Texas STAAR

What is the Texas STAAR Test?

The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, or STAAR, Test is a state-mandated examination that Texas students must take starting in third grade. The state implemented the testing program in the 2011-2012 school year through a collaboration between the Texas Educators Association, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and Texas educators.

What is the purpose of the TX STAAR?

The Texas STAAR test contains several different portions that assess specific academic areas. These tests seek to assess a student’s comprehension of the state-mandated curriculum requirements.

How will the Texas STAAR test be different in 2022?

While numerous changes to the Texas STAAR Test have been announced for the 2022-2023 year, highlights have focused on the following:

    • Full transition to online assessments
    • Capping the number of multiple-choice questions to 75%
    • Eliminating standalone writing for grades 4 and 7
    • New item types will account for at least 25% of the assessment

While the TX STAAR Test 2022 scoring may change due to HB 3906, the specifics are not yet entirely clear. While many resources and sample questions are made available on the STAAR website, the changes due to HB 3906 leave many teachers less prepared than usual. It is helpful for educators to know how best to prepare their students for these assessments.

When do students take the Texas STAAR Exam in 2022?

The 2022 Texas STAAR Test will be administered from December 6-8, with make-up sessions scheduled for December 9th and 16th. You can review the Testing Calendars to keep updated on the STAAR Test administration and other pertinent events.

Who takes the Texas STAAR Assessment?

STAAR assessments are administered for the following grades and courses:

    • Grades 3–8 Mathematics and Reading
    • Grades 4 and 7 Writing
    • Grades 5 and 8 Science
    • Grade 8 Social Studies
    • Algebra I, English I, English II, Biology, and U.S. History

Are there practice tests for the TX STAAR standardized test?

Absolutely! Numerous practice tests for the STAAR Test are available through the Texas Education Agency. The TEA encourages teachers to have students start practicing early and take practice tests throughout the school year. In support of this recommendation, their website includes many other resources that educators will find helpful in preparing for standardized tests. There is also a large selection of official Texas STAAR assessments available for purchase through major publishers.

What are some tech resources to use with students to prepare for the Texas STAAR?

To help teachers prepare for the Texas STAAR Test, various technologies will play more of a role than ever. Teachers can lighten their load by embracing technology and help their students prepare for the standardized test more efficiently.

Let’s dive into a few such resources and see how each can help you and your students prepare.


TeacherMade is an app that can help you use practice questions for the STAAR Test right now. You can take test prep materials and put them straight into the app. Use PDFs, Word Docx, or images. These files become the background of your online assignment. You add your questions on top of the background image. It’s that easy.

TeacherMade has a variety of question types, and it is the closest thing we’ve found to simulating TEI questions that standardized tests are using these days. It’s also self-grading. This means your students get instant feedback, and you get instant data. Zero in on where your students are falling short. This will help you use each minute of instruction time effectively before the big test. TeacherMade is the best way to make digital interactive worksheets and assessments to prepare for the Texas Starr.


Flipgrid is a video learning platform that has proven itself a star in the age of digital learning. The platform has been helping educators meeting students where they are while providing opportunities for communication and collaboration. This one is a must for the STAAR Test and beyond. 


Touting an impressive increase in scoring for 90% by students using the software, Quizlet is software with confidence! By integrating on-demand learning assistance in the form of study sets, flashcards, in-class games, and more, Quizlet seeks to increase knowledge retention through engagement. STAAR Test Flashcards? Yes, please!


Built on the premise that we learn better, together, the tools provided by Dotstorming encourage collaboration. This technology will help your students work together to brainstorm, plan and make decisions amongst their group.


Edpuzzle combines the engagement of video learning with the accountability that teachers need from their students. The platform allows educators to take videos on the web, add their magic touch and commentary, and see how well their students comprehend the material in real-time.

Get started with TeacherMade today.

Technology is on the rise, and TeacherMade can help you prepare your students for the Texas STAAR Test (and beyond!) efficiently and effectively. We hope these resources will help your classroom prepare for the newly revised STAAR test. Happy educating!