Standardized Testing: Assessment Tools for Teachers

Test prep can be tedious for teachers and students. It usually occurs at the end of the year, can feel repetitive, and can create anxiety in the classroom. But often, using a few new assessment tools can infuse new life into an arduous process. We’ve rounded up some information on major standardized tests and assessment tools.

Standardized Testing

Test Prep in the Classroom

Getting ready for a standardized test in your class shouldn’t turn you into a drill sergeant. Make sure your test prep is meaningful. One way to do that is to adopt authentic assessment principles.

Authentic assessment aims to assess students using real-world tasks. The idea is to get students in a real-world situation to apply knowledge and steer clear of teaching to the test. Here’s a guide to incorporate authentic assessment into the digital classroom

Authentic assessment used with traditional assessment gives you the best of both worlds.

One of the simplest ways of implementing a digital assessment strategy is to use tools that help you use tests and quizzes you already have. This way, you can quickly convert materials in your arsenal, but you can easily use materials that state testing groups give out.

There’s no need to stop instruction to prep students for state tests. We’ll walk you through the strategies that can create everyday stress-free test prep in your classroom.

Many states have adopted online standardized testing that includes Hot Spot exercises. Incorporate Hot Spot questions into your worksheets with TeacherMade.


TeacherMade is the essential assessment tool for standardized tests and exams

TeacherMade is the best tool for converting your tests, quizzes, and exam prep into digital interactive activities. With TeacherMade, you can access many features, including twelve different question types:

    • Multiple-choice questions (4 types!)
    • Checkbox/ check all that apply
    • Short answer/ fill in the blank
    • Open answer/ essay
    • Dropdown
    • True/ false
    • Hot spots
    • Matching