PRO Open House

 Enjoy the TeacherMade PRO (free) 

Open House from February 1,  2021 to June 30, 2021

Here at TeacherMade, we’ve been overwhelmed by our Teachers’ generosity during the first five months of being live. You’ve shared so many comments and feature requests– and we thank you truly. It became clear that we needed to respond with a solution for the advanced user ASAP. You’ve asked for it– and we’re listening!!

As we roll out TeacherMade PRO, please be aware that there will be an annual subscription fee. However, we have a very special surprise to show our appreciation for each of you… The PRO version is available to everyone during our PRO OPEN HOUSE which runs from February 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021. During this time, every Teacher will have access to all the Forever Free features AND the PRO features, such as Inserting Audio, Video/Hyperlinks, and LMS integrations. The PRO features will keep rolling out throughout the OPEN HOUSE period. 

(And do not fear! The free TeacherMade app that you’ve enjoyed for months will always be there. It’s not going anywhere. At the end of the OPEN HOUSE, if you or your school don’t subscribe to PRO, your activities will still be located in your My Worksheets space. )

What Are Teachers Saying About TeacherMade?

“Thank you so much for continually working to improve TeacerMade! You and this site are Heaven-Sent!!! :slight_smile:

  • Anonymous

“I’m a teacher from Barbados who absolutely loves, loves, loves TeacherMade. Since I was told about it last month I have used it extensively. I used it to set Mid-Term tests in all subject areas.

Thank you so very much for creating TeacherMade and for making it so accessible and easy to use.”

  • Andrea Nicholls

“I love your product. I use it to teach high school math (Integrated Math 2, lots of geometry). I use it for self-graded homework (the best thing!), practice activities, and sometimes notes… this is amazing. Every teacher I’ve shared with is equally amazed, including over 91,000 people who’ve seen my TikTok video I made about your website (shared 5200 times). Thank you for making such a wonderful product!” 

  • Gina Rye

“First of all, I love this product! I am a 5th grade math teacher. I began using this for my students who had to quarantine at home while I was teaching face to face. I loved how they could work on any handout that we were working on in class. It was so helpful for me and my students! They were so relieved to be working on assignments that were right in line with the students who were at school each day!”

  • Ashley Sparks

“I am all for TeacherMade! It’s just such a wonderful program. I’ve only recently started using it but can’t stop! My students like it a lot too. Because of GC integration there’s no need for them to remember another password/login. And all the worksheets run so smoothly :grin: Also there’s no problem with using Polish letters – thanks for that!

I am really impressed with the support you give and all of the updates I’m reading about. You DO listen to teachers! Finally somebody!

I told all of my fellow teachers about you and hope they’ll start using it as well.”

-Joanna Dziwanowska


I am an English teacher from Lithuania. I came across this site and it is wonderful. Now I can make my students’ workbooks and tests digital. They don’t have to take photos and send it to me anymore. It made our lives easier. It’s great to have a scoring opportunity here too. :blush:

  • Kristina Vaiciuliene

“I am teaching Advanced Physics and chemistry and this has made my life so much easier. We use it for Assessments and some practice assignments. This product has been a true god send to anyone who uses Math and wants their students to show work. Thank you”

  • John Seabolt

“Teacher Made is saving me time, money, and more importantly, MY SANITY! I have gotten enormously positive feedback from students and parents as well. All of the features I have thought of recommending have already been recommended and added to a list of things to add to the app. I love how responsive the TM team has been.”

  • J Sucre

“This is just a big, fat THANK YOU to the staff at Teachermade for constantly working to improve features to make life easier for all of us educators!!”

  • Hannah Wilson

“This is perfect for use with my chemistry students! I am definitely going to work it in this month! I absolutely love this app! Thank you so much for all you do to help educators!”

  • Jenny Lou

“Your team is AMAZING! I have been searching for a product like yours for Years!! A Lifesaver! Thank you SO much!”

  • Sember Sharpe

“Thank you so much for Teacher Made. It has truly saved my year of all virtual learning! Good job!”

  • Kristin Bashman

“I can’t thank you enough for Teacher Made! You have saved my life!”

  • Donna Hoffman


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