Can you believe that our app was launched on September 8, 2020? It’s been exhilarating, humbling, and thrilling to be on this journey with you.

Today, more than 1,000,000 assignments have been given to students by over 60,000 Teachers across the nation– and around the world. Look at how much we’ve accomplished in one short month together! We’re sharing some thank-you notes of yours so everyone can feel the excitement and hope that emanates from the TeacherMade Community.

We can’t fix the pandemic, but together we can make a Teacher’s life a little easier. πŸ™‚


Lindsey πŸ’œ Pennsylvania

β€œThis is soooo amazing! I can’t thank you enough. You have just made my stress levels go down significantly. Thank you for making it free, and I look forward to checking out the paid Marketplace as well!”


Nikki πŸ’œ Texas

β€œThis school year is like no other for us. We are all navigating the use of digital tools in our classroom, and you have nailed something that is easy to use, easy to assign, and easy to implement in any classroom with any teacher.”


Marcelo πŸ’œ California

β€œI have to commend you on this outstanding program for teachers. It has made creating creative HW assignments a fun activity.”


Anthony πŸ’œ New York

β€œGood afternoon, you’ve done a fantastic job with this. Exactly what the doctor ordered for these times…”


Leslie πŸ’œ North Carolina

β€œI just want to say thank you!! I have used TeacherMade to create 2 assignments so far. It is super easy, but the very best thing is that students can save their progress, leave and come back later!!!! What a life changer! I have used Google Forms for years, but if students have to leave the form then start all over again later, they get so frustrated and give up. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”


Christina πŸ’œ New York

β€œI LOVE LOVE LOVE the program. Just made my first worksheet… so easy. β€œ




Janice πŸ’œ California

β€œYou have put such thought and elegance into the design.”


Tiffany πŸ’œ Florida

β€œYou all are amazing!!!! I am so thankful the founders started this and made it free for us. It has been a game changer!!!!”


Nicole πŸ’œ Louisiana

β€œAll I want to say is that I LOVE this site. You and your team are BRILLIANT! Thank you for devising this site to fulfill the need we have found ourselves in. Have an awesome day!”


Randi πŸ’œ New Jersey

β€œThank you for creating this tool. I was just introduced to it on Monday, created a quiz that night, and had my 6th graders take it today. Now that I have tried it out, and love it, I will share it with my colleagues. We are all working crazy hours trying to push out instruction that is engaging and effective. Again, thanks.”


Paige πŸ’œ Mississippi

β€œI just wanted to commend you on providing exactly what I have been looking for since having to start teaching virtually! Thank you so much! I also noticed that you plan to add some features that I suggested in your recent review. I’m very excited to have a company listen to my needs! …”


Jennifer πŸ’œ Kentucky

β€œOMG! I just LOVE this program. I have already shared it with my teachers and I just got off the phone with a teacher and we both were so excited! β€œ
β€œI am so excited I want everyone to know and use this great product!”
β€œOk. I might be a bit obsessed at this point. I just left the school library (where I teach) and walked down the hall and 2 teachers stopped me telling me how much they love it! I just sent the email this morning. Thank you for making this available!!!!”