No more grading papers with TeacherMade's Auto-Grading Feature

We make it easy to create online interactive worksheets. Just upload your PDF, docx, or image file and layer answer areas over the document. We also have features that auto-grade assignments.

Make grading more collaborative with our auto-grade features

We listened to teachers to develop an intuitive self-scoring system that includes features that make grading part of the learning process for students: 

    • Teacher adjustments to auto-scores*
    • Answer key updates while grading*
    • Score written and drawn responses
    • Teacher feedback on student submission
    • Teacher can write, draw, and make multiple marks anywhere on student submission*
    • Teacher/student feedback response threads*
    • Student score reports

*on premium version only

Interactive worksheets auto-graded by TeacherMade

Make Google Classroom auto-grading seamless

We’ve thought of everything. Because our software seamlessly integrates into Google Classroom, you don’t have to shuffle through many different programs to get online or distance learning assignments graded.

TeacherMade helps you simplify your grading

Need scores in your gradebook? Once you have graded your TeacherMade assignments, export a set of scores straight to a Microsoft Excel .xslx, .csv, or Google Sheets file. Then from there, you can quickly upload scores to your school’s grade management software.

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We make it easy to auto-grade digital worksheets

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