Auto-Grading Feature: No more Late Nights Grading Papers with Teachermade

Reclaim your nights and weekends with TeacherMade’s auto-grading feature. 

  1. Just upload your PDF, docx, or image.
  2. Quickly place answer areas on the document.
  3. Use our 16 different question type tools like dropdowns, text entry, multiple choice, drag-and-drops, and more…
  4. Fill in the answer key.
  5. And then let TeacherMade  auto-grade assignments  for you. 

Make grading go faster with our auto-grade features

We listen closely to our Teachers. That’s how we developed the most versatile and intuitive auto-scoring system you’ve ever used. And we include rich feedback features so our Teachers can directly impact student achievement: 

  • Auto-grading of 16 different question types
  • Teacher adjustments to auto-scores that let you award or remove points
  • Make answer key updates while grading
  • Score written and drawn responses
  • Teacher feedback on student submissions
  • Teacher can write, draw, and mark anywhere on student submissions – including adding motivational stickers
  • Teacher/student feedback response threads
  • Student score reports
TeacherMade Auto-Grading

Interactive worksheets auto-graded by TeacherMade

Make Google Classroom auto-grading seamless

We’ve thought of everything. The TeacherMade platform covers all of your grading needs, saving you loads of time and hassle. And because our software seamlessly integrates into Google Classroom, you don’t have to shuffle through many different programs to put grades where you want them.

TeacherMade helps you simplify your grading with .CSV exports

Need scores in your gradebook? Export a set of scores straight to a Microsoft Excel .xslx, .csv, or Google Sheets file. Then from there, you can quickly upload scores to your school’s grade management software.

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