TeacherMade is a tool for colleges and universities to go paperless and improve distance learning.

Are you trying to grow and improve your distance learning programs at the university level? TeacherMade’s classroom technology can help. Take on any circumstance: sickness, weather, quarantining, with ease. Our award-winning app makes it easy for instructors to convert any assignment, handout, or assessment into interactive online activities for added flexibility.

TeacherMade is for Colleges and Universities

What Will Your School Do With TeacherMade?

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Convert any PDF, Microsoft Doc, or image into an online interactive assignment in minutes

Professors and instructors are working with a variety of media files. This is where TeacherMade excels. We give users the flexibility to use any file and convert them into online interactive activities. The process is simple and just takes a few minutes:

    1. Step 1: Upload your file. The file you upload becomes the background of your new online worksheet. (We support these file types.)
    2. Step 2: Add fields for student responses. 
    3. Step 3: Add answers to questions for self-scoring.
    4. Step 4: Send an assignment link to students or sync with your school’s LMS platform.
    5. Step 5: Get instant feedback and results. 

TeacherMade’s flexible platform works with any instructor’s syllabus

Self-graded practice and assignment

Do your courses require assignments that require laborious grading? We’ve got you covered. You can implement any sort of self-graded practice, assignment, or even assessment to hundreds of students at a time. You can customize each interactive activity to fit your needs. 

Advanced math and science features

Our advanced equation and algebraic equation features make it easy to transform assignments that you offer your students in math and science disciplines. See more of our features here

Voice functions

Verbal instructions, reading a portion of text in a particular way, or recording in a different language, voice functions add a lot to online assignments. Perfect for adding a special touch to each assignment, our voice function even allows students to add their voices to assignments.


Close reading is essential in the college classroom. This is the perfect way to digitize the annotation process. Students simply highlight and add notations to text you easily upload into the TeacherMade system.

TeacherMade keeps your assignments at the college-level

Don’t be swayed to use other online assignment creators. Not all of them will have the advanced features that TeacherMade has integrated into our system. Our online interactive worksheets allow you to keep things at the college level without having to water down your questions. We offer these question types:

    • Short answer
    • Fill-in-the-blank
    • Multiple choice (4 types!)
    • Checkbox
    • Check all that apply
    • Dropdown
    • True/ false
    • Hot spots
    • Matching

Use TeacherMade for in-person or distance learning.

Universities cater to various students, and instructors are expected to deliver in-person and distance learning with similar experiences. TeacherMade helps to bridge those gaps. Take any assignment or assessment you would hand out in class and transform it for distance learning.

Grade assignments and assessments faster

With college classes getting larger each year, TeacherMade helps make grading assignments and assessments faster. It’s easy for instructors to put their answer keys into online digital assignments. From there, they can focus on questions that need their most attention.

Reduce costs of paper, printers, and copy machines with a greener option

Every education institution struggles with expenses relating to paper, printers, and copy machines. TeacherMade helps you to go paperless for a more environmentally-friendly option. Colleges and universities are the most equipped to go paperless with nearly 90% of students owning laptops.

Differentiate assignments with ease for improving retention rates

Retain more students by reaching them with more accessible assignments. TeacherMade makes it easy to edit assignments for any learner while giving students options to demonstrate knowledge. Students can type, talk, or even record a video with their answers. TeacherMade makes accessibility faster for you and your students.

Thousands of instructors already use and love TeacherMade

The instant feedback, flexibility in formatting, and ability to make quick modifications on the spot are invaluable to me as a teacher.  This app saves me so much time not just in grading but in planning.  That time can then be focused on providing specific help or instruction for students in the classroom and having some additional, much-needed downtime at home.  The students also benefit from getting scores, comments, and corrections within a shorter period of time so that they can focus their studies and questions accordingly. -Tiffany S., Teacher

“My saving grace has been TeacherMade. TeacherMade has saved me a ton of time. Not only do I not have to change my worksheets or assessments, it is so easy to upload a workbook page for a daily check-in. I also love that it grades the work for you. It is so much easier than going through individual Google Forms and grading my students that way.” – Katy M., Teacher

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