Our Complete Guide To The Texas Staar Math Test

Our complete Texas STAAR Math test guide will help you understand this test, what kind of questions students will answer, and what study materials are needed. Having the right resources for your students makes them confident enough to pass the exam. 

Texas Staar Math Test

What is the Texas STAAR math test?

The Texas STAAR Math test is administered annually in all public elementary and middle schools throughout the state. STAAR stands for State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness. The goal of this exam is to measure student knowledge for each grade.

What grades take the Texas STAAR math test?

The Texas STAAR exam is required for all grade levels from 3rd grade to high school. Only grades 3 to 8 take the Texas STAAR Math and Reading tests. 3rd and 5th grade will take Science along with Reading and Mathematics. 

What are the Texas STAAR math test dates for the 2022-2023 school year?

Texas STAAR exams begin during the winter in December for higher grade levels. The Texas STAAR Math test dates for 2022 – 2023 are during the summer from May 2nd – May 12th for grades 3 – 8. 

What is the calculator policy for the Texas STAAR test?

Educators need to remember that some grades cannot use a calculator. For example, grades 3 through 7 cannot use calculators during the Texas STAAR Math and Science test. The only grade allowed to use a calculator for both subjects is grade 8. 

Where can I find released tests for the Texas STAAR test?

Prepare your students and yourself for the Texas STAAR Math test by using practice questions on released tests. This will allow students to practice questions similar to the real test until they understand the format.

Listed below are links to the Texas STAAR Math test questions and answer keys. You can find the rest of the released tests at the Texas Education Agency. Unfortunately, some test forms are not released yet. 

What is going to be on the Texas STAAR test?

Your students should know what is on the Texas STAAR Math test before taking it. Look through the assessed curriculums on the STAAR Mathematics resource page at the Texas Education Agency.

Linked below are the Texas STAAR Math assessments for each grade level. 

Where can I find the reference materials for each grade for the Texas STAAR math test?

During your practice sessions with your students, you should also distribute reference materials with measurements and formulas used on the Texas STAAR Math test.

Listed below are the reference materials for each grade level. You can also find all materials and other resources on the STAAR Mathematics resource page at the Texas Education Agency.

Where can I find practice materials for the Texas STAAR?

Your students may need extra practice materials alongside the released Texas STAAR Math tests. You can provide them with online flashcards from Texas State University.

Listed below are links to online flashcards for grades 6 – 8. You may have to find extra materials elsewhere for younger grades.

Our top 3 tips for preparing students for the TX STAAR math test

Use practice tests that the state releases.

Practice tests are a great way to prepare students for the Texas STAAR Math test. Your students will be able to see what kind of questions they will get. If you practice with your students, they will feel confident enough to pass because they are now aware of the format.

Familiarize students with the tech by creating online tests that mirror the real test.

Some of your elementary students may not use a computer often. Teach students how to log into their online exams and allow them to explore the web pages for the real test. Mirroring the real test on the computer with your students prevents them from making mistakes.

Review as you go.

Review the practice tests, reference materials, and released tests before the real Texas STAAR Math test. Reviewing questions and material allows students to ask questions. If you allow your students time and space to absorb the material, they will most likely pass the test.

TeacherMade Is A Digital Assessment Tool That Helps You Prepare For STAAR 2023

Don’t let your students get distracted by online question types that are different from normal. Get your students familiar with online question types before state testing. Minimize stress and get back to teaching. 

TeacherMade Offers A Variety Of Question Types For Online Worksheets:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Short Answer
  • Drop Down
  • Short Constructed Response
  • Long Constructed Response
  • Matching
  • True/False
  • Checkbox/ Multiselect
  • Hotspots
  • Drag and drops

Math Tool Response Types:

  • Number
  • Fractions
  • Mixed Fractions
  • Algebraic Expressions
  • Equation Editor

Prepare your students for the test they are going to take. When you use TeacherMade, you prepare your students for online assessment all year!

New STAAR Question Types On TeacherMade:

New STAAR Question Type Description TeacherMade Name
Text Entry
Student responds by typing a brief string of text such as a number, word, or phrase.
Short Answer
Hot Text
Student cites evidence by selecting highlighted text in a sentence, paragraph, or extended reading.
Hot Text
Hot Spot
Student responds to a two-part question where Parts A and B are scored separately. In many cases, Multipart Part B asks students to give evidence or explain their thinking for their answer to Part A.
several types
Match Table Grid
Student matches statements or objects to different categories presented in a table grid.
Table Grid (8/1/2022)
Student can select more than one correct answer from a set of possible answers.
Multiple Selection
Short Constructed Response
Student gives a brief explanation in their own words to demonstrate their understanding of content.
Open Answer
Long Extended Response
Student writes an in-depth response by explaining, analyzing, and evaluating, information provided in a reading selection or stimulus.
Open Answer

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