Use TeacherMade for online quizzes, tests, and assessments

One of the biggest worries that educators face when adapting their classroom for digital learning is administering online quizzes, tests, and assessments. How do you recreate the testing conditions of the paper-based classroom? How do you make your quizzes look and feel the same to ease students’ worries? How do you make online tests that are hard for cheaters to exploit? TeacherMade has the answer to these concerns, plus it’s fast and free to use.

Teacher and Students Using TeacherMade App and Interactive Worksheets

How can Teachers use TeacherMade to assess students remotely?

It’s easy to get started with TeacherMade’s intuitive assessment tools. We take the frustration out of putting your quizzes online.

Step 1: Upload your file. The file you upload becomes the background of your new online worksheet. (We support these file types.)
Step 2: Add fields for student responses.
Step 3: Add answers to questions for self-scoring.
Step 4: Send an assignment link to students or sync with your school’s LMS platform.
Step 5: Get instant feedback and results.

You can use quizzes that you already have, quickly adapt test questions from test banks, or make a quiz from scratch!

Why do Teachers choose TeacherMade for making quizzes, Tests, and assessments for distance learning?

“I have used TeacherMade for quizzes. I alter my approach depending on the content. In some cases, I have created a short multiple-choice quiz. I am also able to create chemistry problem fill-ins for students. This allows me to provide varying levels of support as we navigate through difficult and/or multistep problems…I am able to see what students are thinking when they post answers to problems, and I learned that even though I thought I posted a comprehensive answer list to a problem, students often think of things that I did not but are just as correct. I can then quickly adjust the answer key for their class and for the remaining classes for the day.” Cassandra K.

“I have only used TeacherMade for graded assignments to date. It was a time saver for me because it allowed me to bridge the gap between my students who had to do their work paper/pencil with the students who were completing their work online. We were asked to make sure that everyone had identical assignments.” Regina B.

What are some quick tips and tools for making online quizzes and online assessment work?

Assess with different types of questions
Online quiz makers are often not flexible. They don’t allow Teachers to create an assessment with a variety of test questions. If Teachers can’t assess their students the way they need to, online quizzes aren’t useful. Cassandra K. explains that quizzes are a breeze with TeacherMade:

“TeacherMade has had quite an impact on my teaching and assessment practices. I find that, as a chemistry Teacher, I often have to get creative in how I approach the formatting of problems, symbols, & notations. By using TeacherMade, I can easily assess if students are using capital and lowercase letters correctly for symbols and units. I can create different text boxes in the correct places for different notations.”

Reading comprehension
Ada K. uses TeacherMade to assess reading comprehension in her classroom, “I print out [or] paste reading comprehension texts with T/F questions and multiple-choice tests.” She chose TeaceherMade for its ease, “Self-correcting tests make wonders. It saves a lot of time and energy. I hope to experiment with some other options too as soon as this school year is over in order to be well-prepared for the upcoming year. No matter in the lockdown or not.”

Vocabulary quizzes
Vocabulary quizzes are essential for teaching content. However, it can be tedious and time-consuming to grade. Theresa D. explains how she uses TeacherMade to solve this, “Forensic Science and Environmental science have lots of vocabulary and I can easily assess my students using the auto-grading feature.”

Quick check-ins
Effective assessment is quick, relevant, and Teachers can use the results to inform instruction. Quick check-ins are crucial to measuring learning. Tiffany S. explains that quick and short quizzes “provide me and them with a snapshot of how well they understood the material that was covered that day in class, or perhaps over the course of 2-3 days in class.” As a result, she can get down to teaching instead of grading or lesson planning. “Using TeacherMade for these assessments allows me to modify information and questions asked for each section…all of this can be done within minutes as opposed to writing multiple different quizzes,” she explains.

Take control over assessment and quizzes in your online classroom with TeacherMade

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