Transform Teaching And Learning
In Your Classroom With TeacherMade

Make Your Google Slides and PDFs Interactive in Minutes

  • Use what you have. Transform your existing Google Slides, Docs, and other PDFs into interactive activities in minutes. Or construct digital activities from scratch. The choice is yours.
  • Prevent teacher burnout with auto-grading. Regain your nights and weekends. 20+ question types are auto-graded for you. Scores flow straight into your online grade book! Even student constructed responses are graded more easily in TeacherMade.
  • Measure what your students know. Students engage more deeply with the curriculum when they get instant feedback via the ‘Check My Answers’ button. Turn learning loss into gains.                                    

Simplify Your Classroom Workflow

1. Create online lessons

Create digital lessons by converting existing teaching materials.

Use the materials you know and love. Transform them into digital interactives in an intuitive digital app. A small investment will yield huge time savings throughout the entire school year.

2. Autograding feature

Auto-grading gives you more time for effective student feedback.

Our auto-grading features save you time, so you can focus on effective feedback that coaches students to succeed. And students work harder when they see their scores via the “Check My Answers” button.

3. Blend lessons and assignments

Class is more efficient when you use 1 app for the whole period.

Stop juggling multiple apps in the classroom. Keep student engagement high by using tech that lets you combine lessons,  practice, and assessment all in one place. 

4. LMS Integration

Integrate TeacherMade with the major LMS platforms.

Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, Microsoft Teams: we know it’s essential to keep everything tied together.

5. Teacher collaboration

Collaborate and share with co-teachers and other educators.

Multiple teachers can create and edit digital lessons and assignments– perfect for PLCs, co-teachers, and accommodations. 

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Prepare your students for standardized testing every day.

With over 20 question types, your students will be ready for state tests. We let teachers ask the right questions in the right format throughout the year.

Classroom Success Stories

Teachers choose TeacherMade over Nearpod and Pear Deck

“Teachers can create original lessons or adapt existing lessons to meet the needs of any classroom.”

Read May’s Story

Teachers utilize data with efficient online formative assessment

“All of the information gathered from TeacherMade lessons is used to guide my instruction in both math and science.”

Read Ukyah’s Story

Teachers combat learning loss with real-time feedback for students

“Students have shifted from getting work “done” to getting things done accurately and understanding why.”

Read Shannon’s Story

Why TeacherMade?

1 Minute Overview of TeacherMade 2.0

Connect TeacherMade With Your School’s Learning Management System

Google Classroom
Microsoft Teams

TeacherMade Makes It Easy.
Transform Your Favorite PDFs
Into Digital Interactives
Your Students Will Love!

Your Trusted Lessons Get a Digital Makeover with just a few clicks

  • Worksheets
  • Quizzes
  • Homework
  • Lessons
  • Formatives
  • Bellringers/bell work
  • Exit Tickets
  • Practice Exercises
  • Printables
  • Assessments

And with our autograding feature, you'll work smarter, not harder

Autograding Makes Teachers Happy
Teacher Working Smarter with TeacherMade

Auto-grading is Just One of The Great features in TeacherMade

Our auto-grading feature saves teachers lots of time. View all the ways we make Teachers and their students smile. And remember, we’re always building more features because we listen and respond to you.