TeacherMade 2.0 Slide View: Start And End Your Class In TeacherMade

Don’t lose student engagement and class time juggling between teaching apps in your classroom. TeacherMade is one of the best Google Classroom apps because you can create entire lessons from start to finish– instruction, practice, comprehension checks, videos, audio, and more— entirely in TeacherMade! And with our auto-grading feature, student scores flow right into your grade book.

TeacherMade Slide View simplifies teaching:

  • Enhance class instruction
  • Increase productivity
  • Streamline lesson planning, grading, student feedback, and instruction

Plus, it’s less expensive and easier to use than similar products like Nearpod and Pear Deck!

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Upload whole slide decks from Google Slides or PowerPoint

TeacherMade helps teachers use the resources they already use and love. You can take the Google Slides and PowerPoint files you have already cultivated and upload them into TeacherMade to create interactive lessons that give instant feedback about your students. 

Upload your files to TeacherMade. Our app transforms your presentation PDFs from one scrolling document to a presentation displayed one slide at a time.

See an example activity.

Merge slideshows with interactive activities

Stop losing engaged students by toggling between websites and apps in the classroom. You can embed TeacherMade assessments and item types directly into your presentation. With our interactive lesson and assignment creator, you can add formative assessments to the beginning, middle, and end of every lesson!

Here’s a quick overview of creating an interactive lesson in TeacherMade Slide View.

Create interactive presentation slides

Start and end your class in one app– use presentations you already have, conduct a formative assessment, and assign work in one place. With TeacherMade 2.0, you can:

  • Add, delete, or duplicate existing pages.
  • Include all the TeacherMade item types on any page. (We have over 20 TEI item types!)
  • Incorporate content from multiple files, re-order, delete, and even mix in existing TeacherMade activities!

TeacherMade is purposefully flexible to fit your needs.

Embed video

You can now embed videos into your TeacherMade document. Keep students focused on your lesson and off YouTube. You can choose whether to show the video in your activity or have it launch off to the side in a separate window.

Find out more about embedding videos.

Get instant feedback and data on your students with our Nearpod alternative

TeacherMade seamlessly combines the powerful presentation tools of Google Slides with the student learning data collection of an online assignment creator like Nearpod.

Teachers Have Been Raving About TeacherMade 2.0

Create seamless lessons where instruction, practice, and assessment occur in a more comprehensive classroom.