Increase Student Engagement In The Classroom With TeacherMade

Student engagement is the key to successful classrooms and schools. When students are engaged:

  • More learning occurs in a class period.
  • Students retain knowledge and build on it over time.
  • Fewer discipline issues and fewer distractions.
  • Happier students, teachers, and staff. 


Student engagement leads to stronger schools. TeacherMade is a teacher productivity tool that promotes student engagement. Watch an overview of the TeacherMade app below:

Student Engagement

Use TeacherMade to implement the strategies that you already know work for student engagement

Capturing students’ attention in the classroom isn’t a mystery– meeting students where they are with a lesson that is relevant to their life. It’s the execution that proves challenging: 

  • Every student is in a different place in the learning journey.
  • Every student has different interests and motivations.
  • External factors disrupt organic learning.

That’s why it’s essential to use the right tools to address learning and student engagement. Stop wasting time on tools that don’t fulfill all your needs.

Stop juggling apps in the classroom

The way a class flows can affect student engagement. You can lose your students when you are transitioning on and off computers and switching between apps. Choose a tech that checks all of your boxes to cut out that transition time. 

TeacherMade makes your Google Slides interactive. It’s simple:

  1. Add the PDF of your Google Slide or PPT to TeacherMade.
  2. Add interactive activities throughout the slide show to stop and check for understanding. You can even use the PDFs of your preferred assignments and activities.
  3. TeacherMade gives you instant results and feedback as students complete interactive activities. Our app auto-grades work.

Best of all, you never have to change programs. The process is seamless, and your tech will no longer lower your student engagement. Here’s how elementary math teacher, Ukyah W., uses a more streamlined approach to maintain student engagement:

“With TeacherMade, I can easily change the parameters of the assignment to keep my students engaged. I assign a few lessons daily in math class, including practice and an exit ticket. 

I assign practice to show the score when students submit it, as well as which answers were incorrect and the correct answers. This is what helps those higher-leveled thinkers to find and understand their mistakes. 

With that data, I can target the issues and help keep students engaged and focused. The feedback from TeacherMade is instant and allows me to “read the room,” which ultimately helps keep students engaged.” 

Gather data about what students know about a topic instruction

Relevant instruction keeps students engaged. Meet students where they are by easily collecting data at any point in the lesson. 

“TeacherMade goes beyond auto-grading and writing. It allows students to showcase their learning and understanding using multimedia. As a teacher, whenever I grade these types of assignments, I always feel like I have a much better understanding of my students.” – May Y., High School English Teacher

Ask open-ended questions to encourage active engagement in the classroom

You don’t have to separate class discussions and open-ended questions from online assignments and feedback collection. These questions should all happen together. Use technology to highlight student feedback. 

“After I showed a few examples, several other students asked if I could show theirs, too, ultimately boosting participation. I find the assignment highly beneficial. It gives me insights into my students and how they take meaning from a story.”  – May Y., High School English Teacher

Encourage students to take a more active role in their learning

With TeacherMade’s Check My Answer feature, teachers can create a more purposeful practice with their students. Students can practice concepts until they reach mastery. Elementary math teacher, Ukyah W., describes her class with TeacherMade:

“In the years using TeacherMade, I have witnessed an increase in the students’ drive to have their scores available instantly. Seeing the score immediately isn’t always good enough, though. Students want to know what they got wrong and what the correct response should have been. TeacherMade gives me the option to allow this on an assignment.”

Differentiate instruction by giving students assignments that fit their level

It’s simple to make different versions of a student assignment with TeacherMade. This helps keep learning relevant and fully engaged. 

“For the students that perform at a lower level, I do my best to create the assignment to look identical to their paper one, so they do not get overwhelmed or confused.” – Ukyah W., Elementary Math

Utilize learning resources by embedding multimedia

You lose student engagement when you toggle apps. Keep classroom transitions smooth while still incorporating multimedia that enhances learning. 

“You can also add different or more interesting photos to a worksheet. I will add pictures of varying country flags to my map assignment to help my students with this concept. I can add links to different websites that they can use to help them learn more about a country. I can attach maps to the worksheet to help my students remember what maps we are looking at in the textbook, allowing them to use one screen instead of toggling between multiple screens. I really do not see a limit to the possibilities of adding multimedia to any assignment.” – Amanda M, Middle School Social Studies

Besides, you will see student engagement go through the roof by just keeping students out of Youtube!

Communicate goals and objectives clearly

When students understand the goals and objectives of a lesson, there are higher rates of student engagement. Educators and students also have a better chance of addressing gaps in knowledge. TeacherMade makes it simple to measure learning objectives and address learning loss:

“By providing additional resources, teachers can help students understand the content they need to know for those objectives. Teachers are able to bring joy back to their classrooms because they’re not spending hours creating lesson plans that they may or may not get to each day.” –Amanda M., Middle School Social Studies.

Offer students options for reflecting and demonstrating knowledge throughout the learning process

A final piece missing from classrooms is student reflection on learning. Technology allows teachers and students a place to process information about learning faster. With this additional time, students can reflect on these results and what they have learned. 

“After I finished grading, I asked a few students in advance if I could show their assignments to the class. With their permission, I projected their assignments onto the large screen in the front of the classroom. Then the student or I read aloud the vignettes, showed the images, and played the songs and recordings. My students found this assignment engaging because it allowed them to showcase their understanding of the book in multiple ways.” -May Y., high school English teacher

You don’t have to add more to your plate to increase student engagement.

Adding too much to your classroom can cause distractions and lower student engagement. Often it’s about choosing the right tech tool that checks all of the boxes. With TeacherMade, you can perform every major function of a lesson without switching tabs on your browser:

  • Bellwork
  • Instruction
  • I do, we do, you do activities
  • Formative assessment
  • Quizzes and tests