Schools Can Increase The Rigor Of Classroom Activities Using TeacherMade

Whether school is in session through distance learning, hybrid, or traditional classrooms, TeacherMade has you covered.

TeacherMade can simplify teachers’ lives, increase rigor in classroom activities, and save schools money on their most common operating expenses– toner and paper. Our browser-based platform is accessible wherever learning is taking place.

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TeacherMade for Schools

TeacherMade converts worksheets, PDFs, and other formative assessment tools into interactive online worksheets

Our award-winning online app converts PDFs, Microsoft Docx, images, and more into online worksheets that make interactive learning easy. Your teachers can use the materials they have already curated for their classes and convert them in minutes. Here are the five simple steps Teachers need to get started:

      1. Step 1: Upload your file. The file you upload becomes the background of your new online worksheet. (We support these file types.)
      2. Step 2: Add fields for student responses. 
      3. Step 3: Add answers to questions for self-scoring.
      4. Step 4: Send an assignment link to students or sync with your school’s LMS platform.
      5. Step 5: Get instant feedback and results. 

Our intuitive software is easy to use, so you might not need our professional development materials. But they’re here, free, and constantly updated. 😉

Give your students feedback that is timely and relevant.

Studies show feedback that is timely and relevant leads to the highest gains in student achievement. Other online worksheet makers, like Google Forms, only identify right and wrong answers. Basic grading isn’t enough. Personalized feedback that explains and connects with students is the most effective way to make gains in achievement. We’ve made it easy for teachers to implement this technique without paper and pen. 

See data faster as teachers save time on grading and entering grades

Are you struggling to keep up with RTI data for students in your school? Is there lag time in grade book updates? TeacherMade can help. 

Giving teachers tools that make grading easier means that formative and summative assessments can happen more often in each class. And auto-graded assignments get put into the grade book faster, leading to earlier intervention.

Improve the rigor of instructional materials

 TeacherMade lets teachers ask rigorous questions that assess learning best. Our question types include:

      • Short answer
      • Fill-in-the-blank
      • Multiple choice (4 types!)
      • Checkbox
      • Check all that apply/Multi-Select
      • Dropdown
      • True/false (4 types)
      • Hot spots
      • Matching
      • Specialized Math types including algebraic expressions
      • Open answers
      • Hyperlinks
      • Audio and Video

Rigor improves when using different question types. Our software also emulates many TEI items seen on standardized tests. Prepare for the big test ethically and painlessly throughout the school year.

Allows for quick and convenient differentiation with our fillable worksheet maker

Enhanced learning opportunities lead to improved achievement. TeacherMade allows for easy differentiation in the classroom that suits all students. 

Edit teaching materials and handouts

TeacherMade makes it easy to edit existing teaching materials and handouts you already have for different style learners. You can omit, add, or even change portions of PDFs to fit various learning styles and needs. 

Allow students to answer using different tools and methods.

Online worksheets can be limiting. Often the only way to respond to answers is through multiple choice and text boxes. This is not true when you use TeacherMade. TeacherMade gives students various tools to demonstrate knowledge: drawing tools, voice recording capabilities, highlighters, images, and more. We want every student to have the opportunity to present their knowledge on assignments. 

Highlight key ideas for students that need prompting

Students often need verbal directions and prompting, but that can be tough in an online classroom. We’ve given teachers the ability to record their own voices. It’s also easy to highlight key ideas to guide students along the way.

Create different versions of activities for different student groups, and discreetly share via links

It’s easy to make copies of assignments you have already created and then make changes to these assignments. This is the essence of differentiation. Assign differentiated assignments to individual students through your school’s preferred LMS platform like Google Classroom, Schoology, or Canvas.

Coordinate with co-teachers and special ed teachers

Team teaching is the main ingredient to differentiated instruction. Teachers can share all assignments with co-teachers so that they can coordinate and collaborate. 

See what teachers say about one of the best hybrid teaching tools in everyday classrooms.

The instant feedback, flexibility in formatting, and ability to make quick modifications on the spot are invaluable to me as a teacher.  This app saves me so much time not just in grading but in planning.  That time can then be focused on providing specific help or instruction for students in the classroom and having some additional, much-needed downtime at home.  The students also benefit from getting scores, comments, and corrections within a shorter period of time so that they can focus their studies and questions accordingly. -Tiffany S., Teacher

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