TeacherMade Features: Compare Basic and Pro Versions

TeacherMade makes you more productive in so many ways. Spending less time grading and more time teaching is just one. TeacherMade is designed by Teachers for Teachers, so there’s a version of TeacherMade that fits your needs.

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TeacherMade Features - Compare Free and Pro Features

 PRO Teacher = $49.00 per year | PRO Unlimited Site Licenses = $1.11 x total enrollment


TeacherMade Features



 check markLoad a multiple page PDFup to 12 pagesup to 25 pages
 check markChoose individual pages from a multi-page PDFYY
 coming soonSplit and merge multiple separate PDFs  Y
 check markOrganize your files into foldersYY
 check markAdd subfolders within folders Y
 check markShare your activity links with other TeachersYY
 check markSupport Co-Teachers sharing student grades Y
 check markAdd a blank page to the end of a PDFYY
 coming soonAuthor technology-enhanced items Y
 check markMake assignments to studentsYY+
 check markGive feedback to studentsYY+
 check markTransfer scores via CSVYY+
 check markIn-app notificationsYY
 check markAuto-saves Teacher and student every 30 secondsYY
 coming soonOptimized custom printing Y
 check markRuns in browser on laptops and tabletsYY
 check markLike-Realtime student monitoring Y
 check markActive TeacherMade CommunityYY+
  ♥ Question Types and Tools ♥  
 check markShort Answer/Fill-in-the-blankYY
 check markOpen Answers/Essay/ParagraphYY
 check markMultiple Choice (4 types)YY
 check markCheckbox/Check All That ApplyYY
 check markDropdownYY
 check markTrue/FalseYY
 check markHot SpotsYY
 check markMatchingYY
 check markNumbersYY
 check markFractionsYY
 check markMixed NumbersYY
 check markAlgebraic ExpressionsYY+
 check markEquation EditorYY+
 coming soonCite Evidence/Circle/Underline Y+
 check markInsert/Add Images (Teacher)YY
 check markAdd TextYY+
 check markHighlighter and Drawing Y
 check markInsert Color Blocks (to hide things on background)YY
  ♥ Technology-Enhanced Items & Multimedia ♥  
 coming soonDrag and Drop/Sequencing Y
 coming soonNumber Lines Y
 coming soonGraphing Y
 check markRecord Audio by Teacher Y
 check markUpload Audio files (mp3) Y
 check markRecord Audio by Students Y
 check markInsert Images by Students Y
 check markInsert URL Hyperlinks by Teacher Y
 coming soonEmbed Videos Y
  ♥ Advanced Features ♥  
 check markInsert Links to Google Docs, URLs by Student Y
 coming soonQuick-Start Worksheet Wizard Y
 coming soonSet “time to complete” and testing windows Y
 check markAUTO-SCORINGYY+
 check markTeacher adjustments to Auto-Scores Y
 check markUpdate Answer Key while grading Y
 check markScore written and drawn responsesYY
 check markTeacher Feedback on student submissionYY
 check markTeacher can write/draw/make multiple marks anywhere on student submission Y
 check markTeacher Feedback/Student Response threads Y
 check markStudent Score ReportsYY
 coming soonEnhanced Reporting Y
  ♥ Help and Community Support ♥  
 check markOnline Help/Context-Sensitive Help in AppYY
 check markKnowledge Base and Community SupportYY
 check markPriority Assistance Y
 check markInstructional Video Library Updated FrequentlyYY
  ♥ Integrations ♥  
 check markDistribute assignment link via email or Google ClassroomYY
 check markAssign through and send grades to Google Classroom Y
 check markAssign through and send grades to Canvas Y
 check markSchoology full integration Y
 coming soonClever Library (SSO) integrationYY
 coming soonMS Teams Y
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  Jennifer Chorma, Sales
  Kate Howard, Customer Success

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