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Winter/Spring 2021 TeacherMade and TeacherMade PRO Features List

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TeacherMade Features



Key Application Functions

 Load a PDF up to 12 pages longYY
 Choose individual pages from a multi-page PDFYY
 coming soonSelect from multiple separate PDFs on upload Y
 Organize your files into foldersYY
 coming soonAdd subfolders within folders Y
 Share your activity links with other TeachersYY
 coming soonSupport Co-Teachers sharing student grades Y
 Add a blank page to the end of a PDFYY
 coming soonAdd space anywhere, e.g. to insert technology-enhanced items and multimedia Y
 Make assignments to studentsYY+
 Give feedback to studentsYY+
 Transfer scores via CSVYY+
 coming soonIn-app notificationsYY
 Auto-saves Teacher and student every 30 secondsYY
 coming soonOptimized custom printing Y
 Runs in browser on laptops and tabletsYY
 coming soonRealtime student monitoring Y
 coming soonTeacher Presentation Mode Y
 Active TeacherMade CommunityYY+
  ♥ Question Types and Tools ♥  
 Short Answer/Fill-in-the-blankYY
 Open Answers/Essay/ParagraphYY
 Multiple Choice (4 types)YY
 Checkbox/Check All That ApplyYY
 Hot SpotsYY
 Mixed NumbersYY
 Algebraic ExpressionsYY+
 coming soonEquation EditorYY+
 coming soonCite Evidence/Circle/Underline YY+
 Insert/Add Images (Teacher)YY
 Add TextYY+
 Highlighter and Drawing  Y
 Insert Color Blocks (to hide things on background)YY
  ♥ Technology-Enhanced Items & Multimedia ♥   
 coming soonDrag and Drop/Sequencing Y
 coming soonNumber Lines Y
 coming soonGraphing Y
 Record Audio by Teacher Y
 coming soonUpload Audio files (mp3) Y
 Record Audio by Students Y
 Insert Images by Students Y
 Insert URL Hyperlinks by Teacher Y
 coming soonEmbed Videos Y
 coming soonInsert Links to Google Docs, URLs by Student Y
 coming soonAuto-Scoring and Reporting  
 coming soonSet “time to complete” and testing windows Y
 Teacher adjustments to Auto-Scores Y
 coming soonUpdate Answer Key while grading Y
 Score written and drawn responsesYY
 Teacher Feedback on student submissionYY
 Teacher can write/draw/make multiple marks anywhere on student submission Y
 Teacher Feedback/Student Response threads Y
 Student Score ReportsYY
 coming soonEnhanced Reporting Y
  ♥ Help and Community Support ♥  
 Online Help/Context-Sensitive Help in AppYY
 Knowledge Base and Community SupportYY
 coming soonPriority Assistance Y
 Massive Instructional Video Library Updated WeeklyYY
  ♥ Integrations ♥  
 Distribute assignment link via email or Google ClassroomYY
 coming soonManual rostering and CSV exportsYY+
 Assign through and send grades to Google Classroom Y
 Assign through and send grades to Canvas Y
 Schoology full integration Y
 coming soonClever Library (SSO) integrationYY
  MS Teams  Y
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  Laura Bresko, Chief Education Officerlaura@teachermade.com
  Jennifer Chorma, Sales Coordinatorjen@teachermade.com
  Kate Howard, Customer Success Managerkate@teachermade.com

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