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TeacherMade Features - Compare Free and Pro FeaturesTeacherMade and TeacherMade PRO Features List

 PRO Teacher = $49.00 per year | PRO Unlimited Site Licenses = $1.11 x total enrollment


TeacherMade Features



Load a multiple page PDF up to 12 pages up to 25 pages
Choose individual pages from a multi-page PDF Y Y
coming soon Select from multiple separate PDFs on upload Y
Organize your files into folders Y Y
Add subfolders within folders Y
Share your activity links with other Teachers Y Y
coming soon Support Co-Teachers sharing student grades Y
Add a blank page to the end of a PDF Y Y
coming soon Add space anywhere, e.g. to insert technology-enhanced items and multimedia Y
Make assignments to students Y Y+
Give feedback to students Y Y+
Transfer scores via CSV Y Y+
In-app notifications Y Y
Auto-saves Teacher and student every 30 seconds Y Y
coming soon Optimized custom printing Y
Runs in browser on laptops and tablets Y Y
Like-Realtime student monitoring Y
Active TeacherMade Community Y Y+
♥ Question Types and Tools ♥
Short Answer/Fill-in-the-blank Y Y
Open Answers/Essay/Paragraph Y Y
Multiple Choice (4 types) Y Y
Checkbox/Check All That Apply Y Y
Dropdown Y Y
True/False Y Y
Hot Spots Y Y
Matching Y Y
Numbers Y Y
Fractions Y Y
Mixed Numbers Y Y
Algebraic Expressions Y Y+
Equation Editor Y Y+
coming soon Cite Evidence/Circle/Underline Y Y+
Insert/Add Images (Teacher) Y Y
Add Text Y Y+
Highlighter and Drawing Y
Insert Color Blocks (to hide things on background) Y Y
♥ Technology-Enhanced Items & Multimedia ♥
coming soon Drag and Drop/Sequencing Y
coming soon Number Lines Y
coming soon Graphing Y
Record Audio by Teacher Y
Upload Audio files (mp3) Y
Record Audio by Students Y
Insert Images by Students Y
Insert URL Hyperlinks by Teacher Y
coming soon Embed Videos Y
Insert Links to Google Docs, URLs by Student Y
coming soon Enhanced Reporting
coming soon Set “time to complete” and testing windows Y
Teacher adjustments to Auto-Scores Y
Update Answer Key while grading Y
Score written and drawn responses Y Y
Teacher Feedback on student submission Y Y
coming soon Teacher can write/draw/make multiple marks anywhere on student submission Y
Teacher Feedback/Student Response threads Y
Student Score Reports Y Y
coming soon Enhanced Reporting Y
♥ Help and Community Support ♥
Online Help/Context-Sensitive Help in App Y Y
Knowledge Base and Community Support Y Y
Priority Assistance Y
Massive Instructional Video Library Updated Weekly Y Y
♥ Integrations ♥
Distribute assignment link via email or Google Classroom Y Y
Assign through and send grades to Google Classroom Y
Assign through and send grades to Canvas Y
Schoology full integration Y
coming soon Clever Library (SSO) integration Y Y
coming soon MS Teams Y
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