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Digital Transformation for Your Handouts…

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So You Can Take Back Your Time!!

Teachers have to teach. It’s in our blood. No matter the obstacles. Not even a pandemic can stop us. But clunky, tone-deaf edtech often tries! What a waste of time and energy.

TeacherMade was made by teachers, for teachers. Using the app, you can quickly remake and assign your favorite classroom papers as online, digital activities for your students. Whether students are in the building or working from home, you know they’ll be getting the best instructional materials– because they’re yours.

Our app doesn’t get in your way with advanced features that take too long to learn. Load a PDF or picture, mark it up with places for students to type their answers… and assign it. It’s really that straightforward.

And what’s the best part?? It will auto-score your students’ work. Revolutionary!

Compare TeacherMade to Google Slides and See How Much Time You’ll Save.

 Basic Features  
 Load a PDF
 Choose individual pages from a multiple page PDF 
 Load files from local storage
 Digital worksheet sharing with Teachers
 Organize worksheets into folders
*Direct upload via camera
*Load files directly from Google Drive
*Load directly from Google Slides
 Responsive worksheet delivery (laptops and tablets) 
 Digital Tools  
 Short Answer/Fill-in-the-blank
 Open Answers/Essay/Paragraph
 Multiple Choice
 Hot Spots
 Checkbox/Check All That Apply 
 Mixed Numbers 
 Algebraic Expressions 
 Cite Evidence
 Circle or Underline responses
*Insert media by students
*Link to Video/Audio/URL
*Drag and Drop
*Record Audio 
*Snipping tool 
*Equation editor (advanced) 
*Rich text on student input
*Teacher drawing tools
*Paste images directly into worksheet
*Graphing tool 
*Number Line tool 
*Workbook Maker tool 
 Scoring and Reporting  
 Student score reports 
 Teacher scoring of student drawing 
*Timer settings for “time to complete” and other time limits 
 Teacher rubric to score Open Answers 
 Collaboration and Support  
 Online Help/Context-Sensitive Help 
 Community Support Forum – Comments and collaboration with shared teacher groups, e.g. PLCs, grade-level teachers 
 Rostering and Interoperability  
 Google Classroom link sharing
*Manual rostering 
*Google Classroom full integrationNo Scoring
*Canvas full integration 
*Schoology full integration 
*Clever Library (SSO) integration 
 * TEACHERMADE PRO – advanced features coming January 2021  

TeacherMade Features

The online app supports MOST question and activity types used on your handouts:

• Short Answer/Fill-in-the-blank
• Checkbox/Check All That Apply
• Dropdown Selections
• Long Answers/Essays
• Multiple Choice
• Hot Spots
• Matching
• True/False
• Numbers
• Fractions
• Algebraic Expressions
• Cite Evidence
• Circle or Underlines (coming soon!)
• Drag and Drop (coming soon!)

Don’t see one of your favorite activity types listed? Let us know by clicking here.

In TeacherMade, Teachers can:

• load PDFs or image files of worksheets from their laptops or shared drives (loading direct from Google Classroom coming soon!!)
• make student response areas on the worksheet image
• add images, audio, and video to enhance existing worksheet content
• create correct answers for auto-scoring
• add automated feedback for students
• receive auto-scored student responses
• make comments on student work
• use Google Classroom to assign worksheets and receive grades
• see scores and reports for individuals and the entire class
• share their creations with other teachers

Students use the online TeacherMade player to:

• open their assignment from Google Classroom, Canvas, or another LMS
• type in their answers
• make comments using highlighters, text, audio, and video
• use drawing apps to work on any activity not supported by other tools– or just for fun!
• get instant feedback and scores when they submit their assignments

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