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Many teachers spend hours upon hours scanning paper worksheets and trying to make editable PDFs. After that, they may grapple with Google Classroom or their school’s LMS in an attempt to distribute those PDFs. Once distributed, how do their students fill in their answers? Most PDF editors cost money. So almost all students will print out the worksheet, take a picture of it, and email their Teacher with the picture. It can be a painstaking and time-consuming process.

Fortunately, there are many resources here to help make the switch to smoother online teaching and learning. Teachers can take paper assignments and convert them for online access by using applications made specifically for converting worksheets and making them interactive, like TeacherMade.

Considered best in class, TeacherMade is an essential part of any digital classroom activity because it is so versatile and easy to use. You’ll find many articles to help grow your teaching skills here in The Digital Classroom. You’ll also discover how other Teachers are using TeacherMade on a daily or weekly basis with their students and what they’ve learned about how to use this indispensable tool to the greatest benefit for their students.

The shift to online learning has never been more pronounced than it became in 2020. Engaging with digital classroom technologies became a necessity. Even prior to the COVID pandemic, most schools were incorporating online learning into curriculums. As we move past the pandemic with lessons learned, providing your best activities as interactive worksheets in the classroom is an essential part of being an educator.

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