Which online worksheet maker is best?

There have been so many new online worksheet makers flooding the market lately. It’s given teachers so many options. But how do you have time to wade through all of the choices out there? It can be time-consuming to learn and implement new software into your classroom routine. But we have you covered. We looked at some of the top online worksheet makers that you can use to make interactive online activities for your students. You can quickly compare your options and dive straight into converting your assignments into online worksheets.

Online Worksheet Maker

What are the features of Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) Easel?

Easel by TpT is new to the market, but you have probably seen it if you have been on Teachers Pay Teachers lately. It’s a good option for using with Teachers Pay Teachers worksheets that you have bought. It does convert those seamlessly.

But here’s the thing, you probably have more worksheets in your arsenal than purchased TpT activities. Why be tied down to one platform? Beyond its ease with purchased worksheets, the toolset is very basic. So it can be hard to make your online worksheets have full functionality. It can be hard to go fully digital when you can’t accomplish as much with the online version. Also, there’s no auto-grading which is one of the biggest reasons a teacher reaches for online tools.

What are the features of the Canva online worksheet maker?

Canva always seems to be in the mix when it comes to online worksheet makers. And it’s true, you can make beautiful worksheets and handouts for your classroom with Canva. But that’s where it ends. Canva has many themes and layouts for creating worksheets, but they are intended to be printed and copied. So it’s a solid option for making a worksheet but doesn’t fit the bill for interactive online activities. You might want to use it in conjunction with an app we’re going to mention in detail below. Read on. 

What are the features of Google Forms?

Everyone knows about Google Forms in the education world. It’s everywhere and so accessible. But it has limited features. It’s great for those times you need to do a short answer or multiple-choice assignment. We also love how easily it integrates with Google Sheets for quick data analysis. But that’s where it ends. Your Google Forms worksheets don’t feel like authentic worksheets, they are not intuitive and lack multimedia. There are simply more feature-rich items out there.

What are the features of TeacherMade as an interactive worksheet maker?

TeacherMade has advanced features that make it a well-rounded tool for many different subjects and grades. TeacherMade has twelve different question types that make it versatile for any assessment situation. You can bring in multimedia with audio and video integration. Math and science teachers will love the advanced equation editors. 

Where TeacherMade really shines is with its features that save teachers time. Its auto-grading features, class data collection, feedback features, and integration with major LMS programs make it a vital part of any classroom.

Which online worksheet maker is best?

We think TeacherMade offers the most bang for your buck. You can sign up for a free or paid version that has a ton of features. Let’s break down some of our favorite features.

TeacherMade has more advanced features with 12 questions types.

Throw the right question at your student, and assess the learning targets that matter most. TeacherMade has twelve different question types. This feature doesn’t even compare to other online worksheet makers. 

    • Open answer and essay questions
    • Multiple choice (4 types)
    • Checkbox/ check all that apply
    • Dropdown
    • True/ false
    • Hot spots
    • Matching
    • And more!

You will never have to water down the online assignments and assessments that you create again with TeacherMade.

TeacherMade has assessment tools that include feedback, self-grading, and robust data collection.

Formal summative assessment and formative assessment are both necessary in the classroom. TeacherMade does both well. You can set any assignment to grade work using TeacherMade’s self-grading functions. This frees up time so you can focus on a few questions that require more careful consideration. For these types of questions, you can include personalized feedback. This is where you will see actual student growth happening. Once students complete the assignment or assessment, take a step back and examine the student data that TeacherMade has collected. You will see learning gains in no time.

Communicate with your students with audio and video integration with TeacherMade.

It’s nearly 2022, and you should be able to add multimedia to every assignment in your class. You can add your voice, a video clip that provides context, or just let students record themselves via video as an alternative to writing. You have options, and your students do too. This feature is perfect for differentiating assignments for unique learning styles.

Collaborate with your colleagues with TeacherMade.

Ever get halfway through creating a test or worksheet and want a co-teacher to take a look? Those informal pop-ins and emails happen all the time with colleagues. TeacherMade makes this possible, and you can do it digitally. It’s simple, just send an assignment you have created in TeacherMade to a fellow teacher. Have them look it over and edit it. Then assign it to your students with the confidence expert teachers have vetted it.

Use any worksheet with TeacherMade.

TeacherMade’s best feature is that it is flexible. Use any worksheet with TeacherMade. You can use any paper copy, PDF, image, or DOCX file. The options are truly endless. Don’t be held back by limited features or being pushed toward paid assignments. Use the worksheets you have cultivated and vetted throughout your career. Try TeacherMade today, and see how easy and flexible it can be.