Worksheets: How do I create my own online worksheets?

One of the most time-consuming tasks for teachers is creating assignments. Often we go to the internet looking for resources but quickly find that the free online worksheets do not fit our exact needs in the classroom. This search for resources usually results in teachers creating their own materials. Creating your own materials is effective but a huge time suck. Slowly, teachers begin to acquire and curate a treasure trove of resources. But how do you take your resources to the 21st century and put them online? How do you incorporate new and old resources together? We will break down the process of developing worksheets that work for you, your students, and your classroom.


What is a student worksheet?

Worksheets are assignments that students traditionally complete on paper in school, but in today’s world, the concept of student worksheets is changing. We now see teachers turning to technology to digitize worksheets. Worksheets are a driving force in education because they allow students space and time to practice skills acquired in class.

Teachers use worksheets when they are emphasizing skills or content to students. It gives students time to practice. Worksheets can be an effective tool in the classroom. Digital worksheets have several added benefits beyond traditional paper worksheets.

    • Digital activities are more engaging with the addition of elements like sounds, video, and images. 
    • Self-grading digital worksheets provide students with immediate feedback, creating a cycle of faster teacher intervention and learning.
    • Online worksheets for students can provide greater motivation with elements like progress bars.
    • Online worksheets save educators time: less formatting when creating, no time at the copier, and self-graded assignments.

Teachers use worksheets when students need to practice. Student practice is required at different points in the learning journey:

    • Instruction
    • Practice
    • Review
    • Assessment

Typically learning occurs in three stages: encoding, storage, and retrieval. For a worksheet to be effective, it has to fit the stage of learning that is happening at that moment. Furthermore, worksheets often don’t have enough depth. Check out our guide for infusing rigor into worksheets. TeacherMade provides added functions for asking questions that go deeper. Format worksheets so that students practice the right skills at the right moment. This practice will demonstrate relevancy to your students so that they gain from online worksheets.

There are alternatives to Google Forms, and you do not need to remake all of your worksheets for remote learning. TeacherMade is an excellent alternative to Google Forms. It’s an online worksheet maker that converts your existing worksheets into digital formats.

Making worksheets in Google Slides is a cumbersome process. But there are other ways to convert PDFs and other worksheets into digital worksheets. TeacherMade is a more intuitive approach to converting your PDF, .docx, and image files into online worksheets.

There have been so many new online worksheet makers flooding the market lately. It’s given teachers so many options. But how do you have time to wade through all of the choices out there? 

An online worksheet generator allows teachers to create worksheets and assignments for their students effortlessly. Read about how ELA teacher Mary D. uses TeacherMade as a worksheet generator.

The TeacherMade app creates online interactive worksheets. Our complete and comprehensive guide takes the guesswork away from creating online worksheets. TeacherMade converts your paper and PDF assignments into online worksheets. Check out the TeacherMade app below: