Convert PDFs to Digital Worksheets for Students

You can use your existing worksheets, and convert them to digital worksheets with TeacherMade. Transform any existing PDF, paper document, image, or Microsoft Word Docx files into digital worksheets for the classroom.

Create digital worksheets in minutes

Steo 1: Upload your file. The file you upload becomes the background of your new online worksheet. (We support these file types.)

Step 2: Add fields for student responses. 

Step 3: Add fields for student responses.

Step 4: Send an assignment link to students or sync with your schools LMS platform.

Step 5: Get instant feedback and results through auto-grading.

See TeacherMade’s digital worksheet maker in action

TeacherMade’s worksheet feel like a traditional paper worksheet, while still utilizing all the benefits of a digital worksheet.

Check out our digital worksheet samples to understand the difference. 

Digital worksheets save you time in the classroom.

TeacherMade makes every step of the assignment and assessment journey easier for teachers and students.

Convert any resource in your arsenal into a digital worksheet

Stop reinventing the wheel every time you lesson plan. You can convert any resource to a digital worksheet. This means you no longer have to reformat every paper worksheet to fit assignment creators like Google Forms and Google Slides. Just upload your preferred files into TeacherMade, and then get started!

Streamline your remote learning classroom with TeacherMade

If you’re maintaining a virtual learning classroom alongside your in-person class, you have experienced how tough it can be to make hybrid learning work. It is difficult to deliver the same type of assignment in-person as you do online. With TeacherMade you don’t have to sacrifice quality assignments for ease. Your students will experience the same assignments, worksheets, and assessments with our platform.

Spend less time grading with our auto-scoring feature

The best part of digital worksheets is their self-grading functionality, and TeacherMade delivers here. You can set our auto-scoring feature to grade some or all of an online worksheet. This frees up time so you can focus on what matter most– teaching!

Create digital worksheets in minutes

What is a digital worksheet?

Digital worksheets are assignments that students complete via technology. This paperless format is also know as an interactive activity or interactive worksheet.

How do you make a digital worksheet?

With TeacherMade, it’s simple! Just upload your assignment file (PDF, image, or Microsoft docx). This file becomes you background. From there, drag and dop questions anywere on the document. You can even include an answer key for easy scoring after students have completed it. Send the link over to your students, and then they get to work!

How do I convert my worksheets to digital activities?

Use TeacherMade. You can convert any worksheet to a digitial activity. Just upload your PDF, image, or Microsoft docx file to TeacherMade to get started.

What are interactive worksheets?

Interactive worksheets, or interactivities, are made with educational apps that take your PDF worksheets and convert them into engaging digital materials delivered online to your students.

Generate effective digital worksheets for virtual learning and beyond