ELA digital worksheets to use now

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Do you need to revamp your English and Language Arts worksheets in your classroom? Our ELA digital worksheets will help to reinvigorate your classroom activities. They can be fully completed, graded, and distributed online. Check out our free worksheets below. 

ELA digital worksheets

Why do ELA students need worksheets?

Worksheets are essential for practicing and reinforcing skills. They allow students to target specific areas they need to improve. In your classrooms, use worksheets to focus on these target skills. Then, make sure your students get feedback and results as soon as possible with TeacherMade. TeacherMade makes it easy to practice skills and provides quick feedback through auto-grading. This immediate feedback helps students understand their mistakes and learn more effectively.

What skills do students need to practice in the reading language arts class?

Many skills should be practiced and assessed in the ELA classroom. But let’s breakdown some of the key ones:


Decoding is the skill involved with sounding out words as a student reads. This skill relies on many different phonics skills, and decoding is essential for tackling texts with unexpected words. There are some ways to practice this in the classroom: identifying letter sounds, rhyming, and counting syllables. 


Fluency involves reading smoothly without many interruptions. So it does rely on decoding. If students are spending too much time decoding, they aren’t able to decipher the meaning of what they are reading. The best practices for targeting fluency skills are reading more and practicing sight words. 


A strong vocabulary helps students understand the meaning of the words they are reading. You should do vocabulary practice regularly in the classroom, and you can put many of the practice activities onto worksheets that are easy to change with weekly vocabulary lists. 


Grammar is essential for reading and writing. When students can construct cohesive sentences, they improve their ability to write effectively. Check out how you can bring regular grammar practice into your classroom with TeacherMade

How can I get my students to do online worksheets?

With the onset of virtual learning, students are doing more online than ever before. As Chromebooks in the classroom become the norm, it has never been easier to switch to digital worksheets. The best way to do this is to use TeacherMade to convert your existing materials into online worksheets. 

What is TeacherMade?

TeacherMade is an online app that converts all of your PDFs, Word Docs, images, and paper worksheets into online worksheets. With TeacherMade, you can instantly send your ELA worksheets to students. TeacherMade worksheets can also be self-graded, saving you even more time. 

Why choose TeacherMade for language arts worksheets?

TeacherMade’s simple platform makes it simple for teachers to create online language arts worksheets. If you can make a PowerPoint, you can make a TeacherMade worksheet. Our drag-and-drop interface means you won’t have to create new worksheets. Your worksheet files become the background, and you can add a variety of question types to the top of your online worksheet. Your worksheets will look and feel like traditional paper worksheets. Bring more flexibility into your digital classroom. 

Where can I find English worksheets?

We have English Language worksheets for grades six and up below. These are the perfect digital worksheets to practice grammar during virtual learning (or in your in-person class, too!).

Correct the Paragraph

Students will highlight the errors in the worksheet and then rewrite the paragraph below correctly. This is a great way to review editing and revising with your students.

ELA Digital Worksheets - TeacherMade

Daily Language Review

Students are asked to choose the correct sentence, part of speech, figurative language, and so much more! The great part about the exercises is that they are auto-graded to see your students’ scores easily. Start class with one of these activities so that you can get instant feedback to adjust your lesson.

ELA Digital Worksheets - Daily language review

How can I access the free worksheets?

You must have an account with TeacherMade. The 30-day FREE pro trial is the best way to experience TeacherMade. TeacherMade Pro has all the features you have been looking for in an online worksheet maker. 

Teacher are raving about TeacherMade!

“TeacherMade has benefited me tremendously. I had signed up for it because someone recommended it to me but didn’t really get into it until this last lockdown because I needed something that would streamline my work. Once I started, there was no turning back. I thought TeacherMade would be tedious in modifying worksheets, but it is so easy to do. Initially, it took me a bit but now, in no time, I snip, upload, modify and post. For example, today is a report card writing day. I organized and uploaded all my work needed for tomorrow on Friday within an hour. I actually had my weekend back. Wow!” –Maria G.