TeacherMade recognized for awards for technology in the classroom

Tech & Learning Names TeacherMade one of the 2021 Best Tools for Back to School

Tech & Learning gives TeacherMade the award for Best Tool for Back to School. The award recognizes tools that help educators in the learning environment while having “versatility, compatibility, value, and ability to help schools solve challenges and support continuous instruction.

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TeacherMade is a Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence Back to School Primary (Elementary) Education Winner

TeacherMade wins Top Distance and Remote Learning Award from Education Technology Insights.

Education Technology Insights recognized TeacherMade for the Top Distance and Remote Learning Award. The award was selected by the magazine’s committee comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, Analysts, and the magazine’s editorial board

You can read more about TeacherMade’s award here.

TeacherMade has been given a Top 10 Distance and Remote Learning Award by Educational Technology Insights magazine

COVID-19 shows us the need for more distance learning tools

The pandemic caused schools to shift from in-person to online schooling instantly. So through this process, teachers experienced difficulty with the logistics of assigning work and collecting it. There had been tools in the past, but often teachers did not adopt them because they were cumbersome. 

Many new tools flooded the market when these pain points for teachers arose during the pandemic. For example, we saw teachers switch from basic email platforms to sophisticated learning management systems (LMS). It seemed like so many tasks were becoming more automated for teachers. Why couldn’t everyday assignments and grading become more streamlined?

TeacherMade makes creating and submitting online learning assignments easier.

At the start of the pandemic, when teachers were suddenly forced into distance learning, teachers often spent hours adapting materials for distance learning. The process was cumbersome. Typically a teacher would take a PDF worksheet and email it to their students. From there, students would print the worksheet, complete it, and take a picture to send back. Teachers would then grade each individual photographed assignment. This is not ideal, and a more streamlined process was necessary. 

Covid-19 forced teachers to search for better tools, and TeacherMade delivered. TeacherMade made it possible for teachers to digitize worksheets, send to students, and grade assignments. TeacherMade makes it simple for teachers to create their digital worksheets:

  1. 1. Upload a file. (We support PDF and these file types.)

2. Add questions. 

3. Add answers for self-grading.

4. Send out your link to students or post in your LMS platform like Google Classroom.

5. Get instant feedback and results.

TeacherMade is versatile. Digital worksheets can include images, links, audio, and video. Question types include multiple-choice, matching, open response, and ten other question types. It’s never been easier to adapt your existing materials for distance learning in just a few simple steps. 

Auto-grading makes TeacherMade an all-in-one tool.

TeacherMade also makes it easy for teachers to grade work. You no longer have to carry around stacks of papers each day to grade. Instead, you can program answers for twelve different question types. This means grading happens instantly for teachers, and you also have the functionality to add in feedback on top of a raw score.

What’s more, TeacherMade also integrates into the most popular LMS platforms like Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology. You can simply distribute your online digital worksheets through these platforms, grade them, and import grades. It’s truly seamless. 

TeacherMade makes collaborative planning in PLC groups easier.

We built TeacherMade with teachers in mind using contemporary practices of the classroom. We know how important it is to create flexibility for collaborative planning. TeacherMade makes it easy to share assignments among colleagues. This way, you are always on the same page as your PLC groups. If you’re working with a teacher cohort, then TeacherMade makes it easy to plan, assign, grade, and even report on student progress as a group. 

TeacherMade is flexible and can work for any subject area or grade.

All different types of teachers can use TeacherMade. Our app works for elementary, middle, and high school students. Elementary teachers love making spelling tests through TeacherMade. They record their voice say the word and then have students write the correctly spelled word in short answer boxes. On the flip side, high school math teachers love to use built-in tools like our algebraic equation editor. It’s one of the few digital worksheet creators that let students truly show their work!

TeacherMade is adapting to the future with constant updates and new features.

We listen to teachers in all that we do. TeacherMade makes it a point to update our technology based on what our teachers are saying. We look to our community on the forums, social media, and Youtube to get ideas from teachers for new features. 

In fact, co-founder Laura Bresko has hopes beyond pandemic teaching, “I envisioned TeacherMade for the Teacher to easily create their own interactive, digital assignments for students and provide real-time feedback while saving chunks of precious time with its auto-grading features.

Over six million users love and use TeacherMade

In the first 9 months of TeacherMade’s creation, we have amassed 6 million users. We think those stats speak for themselves. Teachers keep coming back to use us as a classroom workhorse for online interactive worksheets, online grading, and assessments. Our platform makes it easy for teachers to provide feedback, format materials they already have, and prepare assessments that integrate into LMS platforms. Our workhorse product can simplify assignments and assessments in your classroom, but don’t just take our word for it:

“TeacherMade is one of this year’s findings that will stay with me for longer. It’s convenient, eco-friendly, versatile, and self-grading. It wonderfully plays the role of my private assistant when it comes to managing assignments. It replaced my psychotherapist when the workload of papers to be graded started to pile up above my head, and I was about to collapse. I dreamed about a magic wand that would make the papers disappear and abracadabra …  the miracle happened. TeacherMade cast a spell on the pdf papers, and  I have survived the school year safe and sound, with no or little stress. Sheer magic!” -Ada K., ESL teacher

“Many teachers have PDFs, workbook assignments, or teacher-created worksheets that they like and have used before. However, to put some of these worksheets into LMS platforms such as Schoology might involve retyping or reformatting. With TeacherMade, teachers can easily convert them into interactive digital worksheets without changing or retyping. Unlike other apps that can convert only certain file extensions, TeacherMade works with JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, or Docx, making it the most versatile of all the apps in this category. That means workbooks, downloaded images, PDFs, and teacher-created handouts can be easily made digital for students. TeacherMade is the perfect complement to any text resource, print or online.” – May Yang, Elementary teacher