Technology in the Classroom: Teachers Can Use Tech to Benefit Students

Technology in the classroom can lead to higher levels of student learning. When well-executed, teachers regain time to teach with better insights, more patience, and can provide students with more personalized feedback. Students are able to take more ownership over their own learning, which results in higher engagement.


Use technology in the classroom

Technology in the classroom can benefit students of all ages and abilities. Read more about how we recommend how to use TeacherMade for

Benefits of technology in the classroom

There are numerous advantages of using technology in the classroom. Technology in the classroom:

    • Supports teaching 
    • Enhances learning
    • Expands toolkit for educators
    • Increases course offerings
    • Gains access to more learning materials and experiences
    • Grants flexibility to teachers, students, and parents
    • Cultivates job skills for the 21st-century
Using TeacherMade to Create Digital Worksheets for Students

Pros and cons of tech in schools

There are disadvantages to technology in schools, and educators need to evaluate these downsides. Poorly executed tech can feel burdensome, time-consuming, and frustrating. So never introduce tools that do not benefit you and your students. Additionally, access to technology can vary among communities. Evaluate if implementing technology is possible and equitable for every student in your class. Once you overcome these hurdles, you will see a boost in student learning from technology’s advantages.

Teacher Working with Student on TeacherMade Homework App

TeacherMade is the all-in-one app that converts PDFs and other files into interactive digital activities. Thousands of teachers love TeacherMade because it saves them time doing tasks they already do in the classroom: creating assignments, copying assignments, collecting papers, and grading. Teachers use TeacherMade for:

    • Worksheets
    • Formative assessment
    • Assessment
    • Bellringers
    • Exit tickets
    • Homework

TeacherMade is the premier tool to help your teachers create online worksheets and digital assignments in your school. Using our program is effortless. Start with the activity that you want to digitize. We have rounded up our top ten reasons to use TeacherMade in your schools. TeacherMade is the tool that can take your school’s tech tools to the next level.

Integrating technology in the classroom shouldn’t feel daunting. Read our guide to the SAMR Model to see how you can effectively modify digital worksheets. When selecting apps to use in the classroom, find technology that connects with software you already use and love, like Google Chrome.

There are infinite ways to use technology in the classroom. Here are a few examples:

    1. Digital bellwork 
    2. Interactive worksheets
    3. Peer review essays online
    4. Incorporate multimedia like sound clips and video
    5. Guided reading practice
    6. Games
    7. Test and Study Guides

Not only can TeacherMade accomplish the tasks above, but students can also use computers, Chromebooks, tablets, and even phones. Add flexibility to everyday classroom tasks with TeacherMade

Assistive Technology Examples

If you’re making your classroom more accessible to all learners, there’s a tremendous amount of assistive technology. Technology in the classroom can bridge gaps between diverse learners. Assistive technology:

    • Adapts learning materials for a variety of learners
    • Allows your students to demonstrate knowledge
    • Prompts students of key information
    • Creates different versions and difficulty levels of assignments
    • Coordinates with co-teachers, teacher aides, and special ed teachers
Teacher Using the TeacherMade App and Features

As a teacher, you may want to add drawings to your web pages to engage your students or make the pages more visually appealing. Thankfully, you can easily add drawings to any web page using basic Google Chrome extensions. Using Chrome extensions and teacher-focused apps to draw on a page can simplify your lessons and make learning easier.