Texas STAAR Practice Tests and Activities

Have you been scouring the web looking for a way to prepare your students for the new STAAR Online test? But mostly all you can find are practice tests that the state released for prior years when the test was paper and pencil? Then you’ll want to read this!

When there are seismic shifts in testing, it’s best to get your students ready well in advance. TeacherMade Teachers shared digitized versions of the 2019 and 2021  Texas STAAR tests in Reading and Writing. Using TeacherMade’s STAAR question types, you can give these tests a facelift for 2023.

texas staar practice test

Are you stressed about STAAR Online testing Because There Are So Few Examples?

Confusing tech will not affect your students. Not this year!

The best way to prepare for online standardized tests is to expose your students to the test format throughout the year. With TeacherMade, you can do just that! By converting your paper-based assignments to online digital activities, you allow your students to have consistent exposure to tech-enhanced items that they will see in their testing environment.

Transformed STAAR Reading Passages Now Match the New STAAR Format

To illustrate how TeacherMade works, we converted a released STAAR Test from 2021 into the format of the new STAAR 2023 Online Test using the app.  Take a look at the examples shown below. The image on the left contains a passage set from the Grade 3 2021 Reading Test. The image on the right is that same passage set transformed into the new STAAR format using TeacherMade. It now contains many of the new online STAAR test questions but can be used in any class period throughout the year.

Old Paper and Pencil STAAR Test
New STAAR Practice Test


We’ve recycled and transformed paper-and-pencil STAAR materials into the new online STAAR 2023 format using the tools you’ll find in TeacherMade. They’re conveniently located in the table below. Now you and your students have plenty of redesigned STAAR 2023 practice tests to work with. We’ll be adding more all the time, too. So check back often! (Click here to see this table in a new tab.)

What is TeacherMade?

TeacherMade converts your existing PDFs, Word Docx, images, and paper documents into online digital worksheets. TeacherMade also has auto-grading functionality, so you can greatly reduce your time grading each assignment for your class. It’s simple to get started.

    1. Upload your document file to TeacherMade. Your document becomes the background of your online interactive assignment. 
    2. Add answer boxes and answer keys to set up auto-grading. 
    3. Use our tools to add new questions like Match Table Grids and Drag and Drops that can’t be done on paper. Read more about our features here
    4. Send the link to your students. You can also integrate into major LMS platforms like Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology.
    5. Review your students’ responses and scores, and send  timely feedback. It’s that easy!

What question types on TeacherMade mirror the STAAR 2023 Redesigned Test?

TeacherMade’s Digital Assessment Tools help make your students feel familiar with the questions on their state testing, ultimately minimizing stress and allowing them to focus on the content, not the question type!

TeacherMade offers a variety of question types for online worksheets:

    • Multiple Choice
    • Short Answer
    • Drop Down
    • Short Constructed Response
    • Long Constructed Response
    • Matching
    • True/False
    • Checkbox/ Multiselect
    • Hotspots
    • Drag and drops

Math Tool Response Types:

    • Number
    • Fractions
    • Mixed Fractions
    • Algebraic Expressions
    • Equation Editor

Your students will never be caught off guard by the format of the standardized test question types. By using TeacherMade throughout the school year, they have been preparing for the state test every day!

TeacherMade vs. New STAAR 2023 Question Types

Here is a list of the new STAAR Online 2023 question types that your students may encounter on the Reading Language Arts RLA test. You’ll see that TeacherMade has every question type. 

New STAAR Question Type Description Grades Subject(s) TeacherMade Name
Text Entry
Student responds by typing a brief string of text such as a number, word, or phrase.
6 - 8 EOC
Short Answer
Hot Text
Student cites evidence by selecting highlighted text in a sentence, paragraph, or extended reading.
3 - 5
Hot Text
Hot Spot
Student responds to a two-part question where Parts A and B are scored separately. In many cases, Multipart Part B asks students to give evidence or explain their thinking for their answer to Part A.
3 - 8 EOC
several types
Match Table Grid
Student matches statements or objects to different categories presented in a table grid.
Table Grid (8/1/2022)
Student can select more than one correct answer from a set of possible answers.
3 - 8
Multiple Selection
Short Constructed Response
Student gives a brief explanation in their own words to demonstrate their understanding of content.
3 - 8
Open Answer
Long Extended Response
Student writes an in-depth response by explaining, analyzing, and evaluating, information provided in a reading selection or stimulus.
3 - 8
Open Answer

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