What Do Teachers Use TeacherMade For?

Teachers Use TeacherMade for Worksheets, Bell work, Bell ringers, Exit tickets, Homework, Questions of the Day, Tests and Quizzes, Formative Assessment, and more…

TeacherMade is the state-of-the-art tool for making interactive worksheets and Teacher-generated online activities. It is THE publishing center for Teacher-made classroom content.

Whether you’re converting paper worksheets to online digital interactivities or starting with a blank screen, Teachers make the most amazing content for their students to use. Legacy papers, classroom handouts, treasured worksheets– all of these materials can be converted from PDF to online digital delivery of Teacher-made activities.

Teachers use TeacherMade for:

♥ Practice Assignments
♥ Bell ringers / Bell work
Exit Tickets
♥ Questions of the Day
♥ Tests and Quizzes
♥ Worksheets and more…

Teacher and Classroom of Kids using TeacherMade

What Will You Do With TeacherMade?

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TeacherMade is your interactive, Digital classroom app

Because TeacherMade works just like you do, it’s familiar and intuitive to use. Most Teachers are publishing their own content in online digital format within minutes, just like Emily P., an ELA Teacher in FL:

“There are an enormous amount of tools in this app that you can use to recreate any type of worksheet. You can utilize the short answer, multiple choice, the drop-down menu, it’s endless. I think you’re really going to enjoy this. I used it today in my classroom and the kids got really excited and the immediate response was fabulous. I was able to show it on the screen and it went straight to Google. Went straight to my Gradebook. Love it!! So easy.”


Automated Scoring Saves You Time
Take any PDF, JPEG, DOCX, PNG, upload it into the app and get started making content right away. What’s one of the best features exclusive to TeacherMade? Auto-grading of student work. After you’ve spent the time making and assigning an activity, let the app do the scoring for you.

Easily Share Your Worksheets with Other Teachers
Did you know that TeacherMade lets you share with your co-Teachers and other colleagues? Look at what these Power User PROs have made with TeacherMade and shared with you:

Jen T. a 3rd Grade Teacher from MA made a science activity for her students that includes, a matching exercise, audio, and video links. She uses it as a practice activity after teaching the concept of adaptation.


Tiffany S. from PA combines both the lesson and the hand-ons application of knowledge in this advanced HS Forensic Science unit that makes use of a variety of tools:

Image 2”

Regina B. is a 5th Grade Teacher from VA who made this video lesson combined with a short formative assessment on Understanding Ratios. In it she used the video, audio, and math tools to make her interactive worksheet:

Image 3”

Carol C. is a Geography Teacher for middle and upper grades. In this interactivity, she uses a map with a variety of question types, including audio combined with a short answer:

Image 4”

Integrated with Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology

Image 5”

TeacherMade is integrated with all of the top LMS: Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology, making student assignments a breeze. Theresa D., a Science Teacher in PA agrees:

When creating my own assignments, nothing beats the bells and whistles of TeacherMade. And because it’s integrated with the gradebook in my LMS, I’m saved even more time! Auto-grading, LMS integrations, lots of cool features… You can’t beat TeacherMade.

Increase Student Engagement in Your Classroom

Students love to do their work on TeacherMade, too. According to Shannon M., a 10th Grade Math Teacher in MA:

Students have really taken to the self-correcting aspect of TeacherMade. The immediacy of the feedback has increased their motivation to strive for greater accuracy. Being able to see student responses in real-time as they are working (before they have turned it in) is a game-changer. Everyone has had one of those students who swears that they are almost done with an assignment when in actuality you can view with ease that they haven’t even started yet.

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