How can I use TeacherMade as a homework app?

Whether your students are working entirely at home or just doing their homework there, TeacherMade is a great homework app. That’s because students can’t forget to turn homework in or lose it on the bus! Best of all, you can use worksheets and homework assignments that you already have because TeacherMade makes it easy to adapt paper to online interactivities and formative assessments.

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Teacher Working with Student on TeacherMade Homework App

Create assignments for online courses

Don’t worry about the dog eating your students’ homework. Create worry-free assignments that students can complete at home.

Step 1: Upload your file. The file you upload becomes the background of your new online worksheet. (We support these file types.)
Step 2: Add fields for student responses.
Step 3: Add answers to questions for self-scoring.
Step 4: Send an assignment link to students or sync with your school’s LMS platform.
Step 5: Get instant feedback and results.

You can use materials you already have with LMSs you already use. TeacherMade integrates with Google Classroom, Schoology, and Canvas.

Teachers have been talking about us

“TeacherMade has benefited me tremendously. I had signed up for it because someone recommended it to me but didn’t really get into it until this last lockdown because I needed something that would streamline my work. Once I started, there was no turning back. I thought TeacherMade would be tedious in modifying worksheets, but it is so easy to do. Initially, it took me a bit but now, in no time, I snip, upload, modify and post. For example, today is a report card writing day. I organized and uploaded all my work needed for tomorrow on Friday within an hour. I actually had my weekend back. Wow!”Maria G.

“I really enjoy using Teacher Made. I love how it links to Google Classroom, so it keeps me organized. My colleagues and I can share worksheets with each other, which is a HUGE timesaver. I also love how my worksheets self-correct. That saves me so much time!”Jennifer T.

Our interactive worksheet maker is an excellent tool for digital homework

Use in and out of the classroom
It can be hard to manage distance learners while still leading a classroom of students. TeacherMade can help. Theresa D. says that it was a godsend last school year, “During the 2020-2021 school year, TeacherMade helped me give both my virtual and in-person students a similar experience.” She says that she saved so much time, “TeacherMade frees up time that I would have spent making copies, grading, handing out papers.” Stop working twice as hard to juggle in-person and distance learning. Get TeacherMade today.

Turn existing worksheets into online homework
Samantha F. has introduced TeacherMade to her student-Teacher cohort. She says, “When my students are given PDFs or worksheets to use in the classroom by their cooperating Teacher- they can easily adapt those worksheets and content just for their Teacher and student needs.” She says it’s so easy to turn a paper assignment into a digital one: “simply use Office lens to take a picture of the PDF or worksheet the…upload that pic to TeacherMade, and create a digital worksheet and be ready to roll with their students – saving them Teacher time and sanity!” If you can snap a picture, then you can use TeacherMade.

Free up YOUR time with auto-grading features
Homework is great for practice but can become a chore to grade. Teacher Heather B. explains why she loves to use the self-grade features on TeacherMade:

“I love that it frees me up from grading and entering grades into Canvas. What a time saver! I’m freed from the burden of carrying home stacks of papers. Students receive instant feedback as soon as they click submit. From their scores, I know the next step I need to take to ensure mastery of a skill. It’s easy to use as well.”

Uncomplicated online homework is just around the corner

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