PDF to Online Worksheets: How to Use Adobe Scan to Create Interactive Worksheets

Has it been on your to-do list for months to digitize your materials to do more online assignments online? The nagging feeling can happen when you have downtime at breaks, standing at the copy machine, or even just the time you spend lugging piles of paper to your car each night. But where do you start? It can be so time-consuming to use traditional scanners, and you don’t want to remake all of your materials.

We’ll walk you through the process of digitizing your assignments, worksheets, and assessments for your digital classroom.

Use Adobe Scan for Online Worksheets with TeacherMade

What is Adobe Scan?

Adobe Scan is an app that you can install on your smartphone. It then turns your smartphone’s camera into a portable scanner. If you can take a picture of your worksheets, you can turn them into PDFs for your classroom. 

Do I have to use Adobe Scan to create PDFs with my smartphone?

No! There’s a lot of similar apps on the market. A simple search in your phone’s app store will provide some alternatives. But we’re going to break down how to use Adobe Scan, so you can understand how you can use a scanner app to convert paper worksheets to online worksheets easily. 

How to use Adobe Scan on a smartphone to create PDFs

    • Download the app. You can do a search for “Adobe Scan” in your smartphone’s app store. 
    • Sign in or create an Adobe ID. Check to see if your district has a contract with Adobe because you may not need to create an Adobe ID. 
    • Allow the Adobe Scan to access your camera. This is key because your camera will act as your scanner. 
    • Scan your first document. It’s just like snapping a picture of the document. Here are two tips to make it go smoothly. First, choose an area with high contrast. (i.e., Use a dark table with white paper.) Second, make sure you select an area with plenty of light but no glare.
    • Edit the image before saving. You can crop or rotate the image. 
    • Save and share. You can save your new PDF to Google Docs, email, and more.

TeacherMade takes PDFs and turns them into interactive worksheets

Now that your file cabinet of paper assignments is digitized, it’s time to turn your PDFs into interactive worksheets. That’s where TeacherMade comes in handy. TeacherMade is an interactive worksheet creator that makes digital assignments that you can use with Google Docs, Canvas, and Schoology. You can turn any document into fillable, editable online worksheets.

How do I use TeacherMade to make worksheets editable?

    1. Upload your file. The file you upload becomes the background of your new online worksheet.
    2. Add fields for student responses.
    3. Add answers to questions for self-scoring.
    4. Send assignment links directly to students or sync with your school’s LMS platform.
    5. Get instant feedback and results.

What are some things I can do with TeacherMade?

    • Worksheets and Homework: This is the easiest place to start with converting your worksheets to online assignments. Worksheets and homework can be easily digitized and auto-graded. Your students will get instant feedback, and you will regain much-needed time in your classroom. 
    • Formative Assessment: Formative assessment needs to be frequent to be effective. Check in with your students more often with TeacherMade. TeacherMade makes it easy to create a digital online formative assessment that is relevant and easy for Teachers to evaluate student learning. 
    • Bell Work and Exit Tickets: Digitize routine parts of your class with TeacherMade. Collect data each day with our online digital worksheet creator. Have students do bell work and exit tickets from their phones, Chromebooks, or computers. 
    • Tests and Quizzes: Make tests and quizzes that feel more like paper assessments. When you use TeacherMade, your assessments look just like the paper version. Your students will fill at ease, and you will have tests graded in no time with our self-grading features.

What are Teachers saying about TeacherMade?

I decided to use TeacherMade for its simplicity. I will convert all my pdf files into interactive worksheets, which will contain everything I need: active buttons, the possibility of using the drop-down menu, T/F, matching, drag-and-drop tasks, pasting texts, and infographics. The collection would consist of a hook ESL video, the script, and a set of accompanying TeacherMade exercises. I am going to both write and record the rubrics and allow my students to write their answers, draw and change the content in accordance with their preferences. What needs to be tested will be tested, and it will be both formative and summative peer-assessment.”- Ada K., ESL Teacher

I would choose TeacherMade over Google Forms any day. When COVID began and teachers were frantically trying to make everything virtual, I began using Google Forms regularly. I found myself trying to transform the quiz and/or worksheet, but then I wound up completely remaking it. I found my quizzes followed the same exact format: short answer, paragraph, and multiple-choice or checkbox. I had no idea how to implement the Linear scale,  Multiple choice grid, or Checkbox grid, and there weren’t many resources such as videos or tutorials on how to use them that were readily available. This is why I appreciate TeacherMade so much. There is a Help section in which you can easily find information on how to use the tool, along with videos for each one. “ – Katy M., Elementary Teacher

Try the best tool for creating interactive online worksheets

TeacherMade is the best tool to use as an online worksheet maker. Get started converting your paper worksheets into digital activities for your students. Each conversion takes minutes, and you will save hours using our auto-grading functions. Get started today, and regain your nights and weekends.