AI Tools for Teachers Appear Everyday – Try These

In 2023, the landscape of educational technology transformed dramatically, especially with the rise of AI tools for teachers. From streamlining student feedback to creating interactive content tools, AI-powered platforms like Canva, Lumen 5, and Whimsical have become essential for educators. As classrooms increasingly integrate digital tools, understanding these AI tools is crucial for teachers. This article delves into the top AI tools for educational content creation, highlighting their features and benefits. logoGotFeedback

The transition from a teacher’s fantasy to tangible reality has now materialized in the form of gotFeedback. This AI tool is a boon for educators, streamlining the feedback process on student essays. With customization options, teachers can ensure the feedback aligns closely with their grading criteria.

Canva Magic Studio logoCanva AI-Powered Tools

For those educators who, like many, struggle with design, there’s good news. Canva’s Docs to Decks tool magically transforms a simple written outline into a series of visually appealing slides. The process is straightforward: submit an outline and choose from the generated slide designs, then customize as needed.

Another gem from Canva is the Magic Design AI tool. Instead of starting with an outline, educators can initiate a complete presentation from a single, well-phrased prompt. The results are nothing short of impressive.

Lumen5 logoLumen 5 for Video

For times when a video might be more impactful than a slideshow, Lumen 5 comes to the rescue. By submitting an outline, Lumen 5 crafts a video in a fraction of the time it would take to create manually. The result is a professional-looking video ready for classroom use. logoWhimsical – Outline Creation Tool

Whimsical offers a solution for those moments when an outline is needed but not yet created. By inputting a keyword or phrase, Whimsical’s AI tool for teachers and other professionals generates a detailed concept map, providing a visual representation of the topic at hand. logoEdPuzzle’s Teacher Assist

During the early days of remote learning, educators keenly felt the absence of a tool that could generate questions from videos. Now, with EDPuzzle’s Teacher Assist feature, that gap is filled. With a single click, this feature produces questions for students to answer as they watch selected videos, enhancing engagement and comprehension. logoTwee’s Video Question Generator

Twee advertises itself as AI tools for teachers of English, ELA, Language Arts, Lieterature, etc. But several of their tools can be used by just about anyone. Using one of the tools, you can transform any public YouTube video into an educational checkpoint. Twee leverages AI to ensure students grasp the content they’re watching. logo    Quizalize’s ChatGPT Integration

This tool crafts review games from text passages ranging from 100 to 1,000 words. Within minutes, teachers have an engaging, arcade-style quiz ready to roll. logo’s Question Database

If multiple-choice assessments are your go-to, consider the expansive question arsenal offered by Simply feed it a text, and watch as it formulates questions – even on topics as intricate as Dickens’ literary masterpieces. This content AI tool for teachers is in a league of its own. logo Brisk Teaching

If you’re a Google Workspace for Education acolyte, this is a great extension to add into your browser. The ability to quickly take any webpage and rewrite it to a specific grade level is huge. Who needs more expensive tools like Newsela when you can use Brisk Teaching for free? logo ChatPDF 

Summarize any PDF using this AI tool. It’s very handy and you’ll likely find a need for it several times a day, like when you receive documents from your principal, PLC, or curriculum supervisor. Your students will find it and use it with to write their papers, so you should probably get familiar with it.

TeacherMade is the best Content Tool for Delivering Your AI Creations to Students

The innovations in AI tools for teachers in 2023 have only just begun. More groundbreaking tools are on the horizon, with platforms like TeacherMade gearing up to unveil exciting new features. As educators explore these AI tools, it’s essential to remember that the right content, presented in an interactive manner, remains paramount. Platforms like TeacherMade seamlessly integrate with tools like Canva, allowing educators to transform AI-generated content into interactive, formative assessment activities.

More importantly, any AI content that you create must get formatted and delivered to your students. When you need interactive digital delivery, TeacherMade is the go-to content tool for teachers and delivery platform for students.