Create Editable PDFs And Convert Existing Teaching Materials To Digital Activities

Turn any document into an online fillable, editable PDF and interactive activity with TeacherMade’s assignment creator. We make it simple to take any document and make it compatible with Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, or any online learning situation. 

Take the curriculum libraries you already have and allow teachers to customize learning materials to fit their needs.

How to write and edit on a PDF in Google Classroom

Step 1: Upload your file. The file you upload becomes the background of your new online worksheet. (We support these file types.)

Step 2: Add fields for student responses.

Step 3: Add answers to questions for self-scoring.

Step 4: Send an assignment link to students or sync with your school’s LMS platform.

Step 5: Get instant feedback and results.

Students Can Type On A PDF For Interactive Assignmants And Activities

Customize Learning Materials And Resources

There are lots of resources that teachers could use, but they aren’t just right for the individual needs of their students. With TeacherMade, you can tap into the learning materials and resources that districts already have and customize them to fit your needs. 

Adapt PDFs Into Online Assignments Perfect For Online Learning Using Our Fillable PDF Creator

Are you struggling to adapt materials for online learning? TeacherMade can help. Our software makes it easy to turn any PDF into an interactive activity that students can type answers on for assessment. 

When you use a fillable pdf creator, your interactive activities are easy to use and more engaging for your students.

Create online assignments in minutes with AutoMagic (COMING SOON!)

TeacherMade’s platform makes it easy to create online assignments. You no longer have to tediously draw answer boxes on your interactive assignments and PDFs. TeacherMade AutoMagic feature auto detects where answer boxes should go on the PDFs you upload. Your online digital activities are ready to go as soon as you upload them into our platform, or you can take the extra step and add an answer key for even faster assignments and grading! (COMING SOON!)

Get Back Valuable Time Using PDFs Efficiently In The Classroom

Get back to lesson planning, and stop reengineering formative assessment for your students. Use what you already have with TeacherMade. Put your new interactive activity into Google Classroom, and simplify your workflow.

Use The Right Assignment At The Right Time

Increase student engagement by pulling from your wealth of knowledge and resources. Don’t worry about being limited by technology. You can use any PDF in your repertoire as a digital worksheet.

FAQ: Editable PDF For The Classroom

Can I Make A PDF Fillable For Students?

Yes! Upload your PDF to TeacherMade. Your PDF will show up as your background. You can then add questions anywhere to the document using our drag-and-drop tools. Our app offers the flexibility to add a variety of question types for your students. 

How Do You Create An Editable PDF?

The key is making your editable PDF for users to fill out. Use TeacherMade’s app to add editable fields to your PDF. Our tool is geared toward teachers and students and includes self-scoring features. 

What Program Or App Makes A PDF Fillable For Teachers?

TeacherMade is an app that makes PDFs fillable for teachers. With TeacherMade, you upload PDFs into our system and create fillable online assignments for students. Our features are geared toward the classroom and include auto-scoring, multiple question types, voice recording, drawing, and more. 

How Do You Make An Editable PDF?

Use TeacherMade to make editable PDFs. Upload your worksheets to TeacherMade, and add fields so students can make edits. TeacherMade gives you the flexibility to add fields to any part of your assignment file. You can even add an answer key for auto-grading! 

What Is The Best Program For Making Assignments And Formative Assessments?

TeacherMade is one of the best programs for making online lessons in the classroom. Teachers can repurpose paper worksheets and PDFs into interactive activities for online use. It takes a few minutes to use our online assessment creator. 

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