ClassACT: Content Library Integrated With Online Assignments And Activities

Access ClassACT’s activity bank for standards-aligned lessons, assignments, worksheets, assessments, and other interactive activities.

Tap Into TeacherMade’s Curriculum Library With ClassACT

You never have to start from scratch. With ClassACT, you get instant access to the following:

  • Slides-based lessons: Lessons for K12 classrooms in the four core subjects – ELA, Math, Science, and Socal Studies
  • Interactive assignments and worksheets: Stop depending on paper assignments each day. Our interactive assignments and worksheets look and feel like traditional worksheets, integrate with our interactive slides, and you can auto-grade to save time.

Assessments: Your students’ standardized tests are online (or will be soon!). TeacherMade gives you the tools to create online assessments that mimic online testing with 20+ question types. Our ClassACT assessment library gives you access to premade assessments.

Access Hundreds Of Resources For Your Classrooms And Customize To Fit Your Students’ Needs

Find the resources you need by searching our activity bank

Activity Bank offers worksheets, reading passages, tests, and other interactives in TeacherMade format. Filter or search by:

  • Keyword or topic
  • Standard (TEKS, CCSS, VSOL, etc.)
  • Type of activity
  • Grade 
  • Subject or course
  • Interaction or question type
  • Tags

Stack resources together for customizable activity groupings

Teachers can select and combine files to make activity groupings (like playlists) that match their specific approaches and pacing within their classes. You get to choose the pacing of each lesson. 

Add your own assignments, slides, and resources

Many content libraries are too rigid and don’t let teachers customize what’s there. TeacherMade gives you complete control to use our existing resources and add your own assignments, slides, and resources. 

TeacherMade gives teachers the power to customize, tweak, and create their own seamless online lessons.

Download materials to your own TeacherMade account

You can download individual activities to your account. From there, you can print, share, and customize. 

Combine The Power Of Trusted Resources With Customized Lesson Planning

  • Bring measurable and clear lessons to your classroom. Tap into the resources that thousands of teachers are already using. 
  • Utilize intentional questions that push your students to think deeper. With our auto-grade features, you will access data instantly. 
  • Search by standard, content, and more with our Class Bank feature. You never have to start from scratch.
  • Create district-wide resources that align with the goals of your PLCs. Get every teacher on the same page. 
  • Customize any resource for your unique needs. Because every teacher needs to tweak resources for their diverse learners. 
  • Bring flexibility to your classroom with blended learning. Use TeacherMade inside a classroom, for student-paced learning, or for assessment. 

You Don’t Have To Choose Between Ready-Made Classroom Materials And Customization.

With TeacherMade’s ClassACT Activity Bank, you can use any resource while tweaking it to fit your students.