10 Ways to Use TeacherMade in Your School

Tips for Administrators

TeacherMade is the premier tool for creating online worksheets and digital assignments. Using our program is effortless. Start with the activity that you want to digitize. Upload it into the TeacherMade system. Then this assignment becomes the background for your online assignment. Put questions anywhere on the document. TeacherMade is more flexible and intuitive than Google Forms and Google Slides.

We have rounded up our top ten reasons to use TeacherMade in your schools. TeacherMade is the tool that can take your school’s tech tools to the next level.

TeacherMade - Tips for Administrators

Make standardized activities for every grade level

If you’re implementing benchmark testing and assignments for your subject or grade levels, TeacherMade can help. TeacherMade can take assessments usually given with paper and pencil and convert them to online assessments. The most significant advantage of doing this for standardized activities is that you can grade assignments instantly and gain access to student data. From there, you have a better chance of fixing knowledge gaps before standardized tests roll around.

Share activities across grade levels

With learning loss being such a big issue, TeacherMade makes sharing activities across grade levels a breeze. Teachers can now share activities across grade levels to target learning loss issues from the pandemic. This is especially helpful because teachers will not have to combat learning loss with no resources. Stop creating assignments from scratch and use TeacherMade to foster more collaboration between teachers.

Employ co-teaching approaches

Co-teachers need tools to make working together easier. TeacherMade gives teachers the ability to add co-teachers to any assignment to collaborate on creating digital worksheets. It is the perfect tool for modifying assignments for students with special needs, professional learning communities (PLC), and even mentoring other teachers. Teachers are collaborative by nature, and TeacherMade is one of the only online tools that help to facilitate this.

New reporting features coming soon

Reporting and data are essential for measuring student achievement. If we can’t measure what students know how do we know learning occurred? TeacherMade makes it easy to examine data from a global level so that school leaders and teachers can review their teaching effectiveness.

New admin views allow you to check in on teachers and provide feedback

The best leaders know how to coach their staff to greatness. TeacherMade gives administrators the option to check in on teachers and provide feedback. School leaders and curriculum directors can view assignments, results, and data. Give more detailed feedback to teachers and see greater growth in the classrooms.

Identify professional development needs

Professional development that is relevant and timely is the most worthwhile to teachers. TeacherMade helps identify PD needs in a school. You can examine how teachers create assignments and collaborate with their co-teachers and student data from assignments. You can examine patterns from your staff. TeacherMade also helps connect assessment to goals by creating a more streamlined assignment creation process. When goals are connected to your processes, you can pinpoint areas that need refinement.

Identify curriculum holes

The materials teachers use in the classroom always have gaps. Textbook companies publish materials that work for most states, but they rarely look closely at individual state curriculum. The best way to identify curriculum holes is to check in with students using formative assessment that is closely tied with the official curriculum. This will create a shift in relying on textbooks as the only teaching tool. Create a more diverse set of materials for your school with TeacherMade.

Early and frequent identification of students at risk

Intervention for students should be frequent and start early. It is the best way to catch learning struggles. With TeacherMade, assessment is instantly graded with our self-grading function for teachers. From here, you can identify students who are considered most at-risk. Early intervention is essential for correcting student learning needs before they snowball out of control. Gain more ground with TeacherMade.

Reduce teacher burnout

Teacher burnout feels like a hole teachers cannot crawl out from under. This comes from teachers not getting caught up on administrative tasks such as grading and paper management. Teachers can literally feel buried in work. They lose the ability to do the parts of their job that bring them joy: teaching and working with students. TeacherMade simplifies the assignment creating and grading processes for teachers. Gain back more time with TeacherMade.

Create sustainable classroom practices that yield actionable data

Is your school always ordering more copy paper? Do you wonder if the copies go towards student learning that yields actionable data? TeacherMade may be the answer for your school. TeacherMade has helped many schools go paperless by being an excellent replacement for assignments that require copy machines. When a teacher needs to make a copy of an assignment, they can convert their paper assignment into a digital assignment with TeacherMade. Simply put the assignment into TeacherMade’s system. Your assignment becomes the background of the digital interactive activity. Add your questions anywhere on the document.

Teachers love TeacherMade because it’s easy to use and the online worksheets look and function like traditional worksheets. Online activities promote a greener school and yield actionable data to inform instructional decisions due to self-grading.

You have options for online worksheets. Get started with TeacherMade.