Teachers Love TeacherMade for Online Worksheets: Top 3 Reasons Why

TeacherMade takes your static PDFs, Word documents, or image files and turns them into digital, interactive worksheets. They’re easy to make and more successful for your students. As a result, the best materials and teaching tools that you’ve curated over the years can now take center stage in your digital classroom!

The TeacherMade app works just like a Teacher does. When you use TeacherMade you can:

    • Upload PDFs, DOCX, and other file types (instead of going to the copy room!) to TeacherMade.
    • Transform uploaded files into interactivities with the magical TeacherMade tools.
    • Organize your worksheets/activities into folders and subfolders.
    • Assign worksheets/activities to your students.
    • Share your worksheets/activities with other Teachers.
    • Stop carrying stacks of papers home for grading.
    • Auto-grade student work or do it by hand– both modes are supported. Either way, you can return student work faster and with personalized feedback.
Teachers Love TeacherMade

Reason 1: TeacherMade Saves Teachers So Much Time

Are you tired of running to the copy machine during your prep? Sick of spending your evenings organizing and grading papers? With TeacherMade you can take back your time!

“ Using TeacherMade with the myPerspectives text set was so much more efficient than opening individual docs and going in and out of students’ files in Google Classroom. With the extra time, I had to myself at the end of the day. I was able to start and actually finish a novel of my own choosing! For adults! I  haven’t been able to do that in over a decade.  Thank you, TeacherMade.” — M. Percontino, NJ

TeacherMade Lets Students and Teachers Focus on What Matters Most

“I am a huge believer in letting students see what they’ve gotten right and what they’ve gotten wrong, so they know what they need to work on.” – Theresa D.

The Best Time-Saving TeacherMade Features

    • Autoscoring 
    • Shortcuts to use during worksheet creation 
    • Digital delivery means no need for paper copies
    • Organize worksheets/ files into folders
    • Assign one document to multiple classes
    • Monitor time on assignments
    • See student progress on assignments 
    • Allow personalized feedback to occur in one step
    • Easily reassign worksheets 
    • Share worksheets with other teachers
    • Integration with Canvas, Google Classroom, & Schoology

Ed Tech that’s Easy and Powerful

Anyone can make PDFs interactive in a matter of minutes using the diverse tools and features that TeacherMade offers.

Multiple Question Types

Short Answer
Drop Down
Open Answer
True/False & Yes/No
Multiple Choice
Checkboxes/ Multiselect
Hot Spot

 ☆Basic Math Question Types
123 Number
Mixed Number
Algebra Expression

Tools That Bring Media and URL Links to Your Interactivities

Audio Recording
Video and Web Links
Drawing Tool

Shortcuts to Save You Time

Duplicating Items
Previewing your Worksheet
Zoom Buttons
Adding Blank Spaces
Adding Default Borders
Giving Default Scores
Updating your Backgrounds
Help Videos & Instructions

Sharing Is Caring

Share a copy of your interactive worksheets with any of your colleagues!

Collaborate with teachers all over the world in the TeacherMade Community

On the Community Forum  you will find a knowledge base of topics and a user community monitored by the TeacherMade Customer Success Team. Here you can ask a question, search for a shared activity, or get inspiration from other TeacherMaders! 

After you become a TeacherMade Teacher, the Community Forum  button can be found on the top of the My Worksheets Screen.

Reason 2: Students Engage More with TeacherMade Assignments

Keep spirits high in your classroom. TeacherMade keeps morale high with an effortless approach to digital assignments and distance learning.

“[TeacherMade] has really boosted participation in my classroom.” – Katy M.

When you use TeacherMade instead of traditional pencil-and-paper handouts, you will watch the engagement level rise in your classroom, and a look of determination spread across student faces.

The Student Toolbar in TeacherMade gives your student options

TeacherMade Toolbar

“My students have shown an increased engagement in learning using these activities!”– Tiffany S.

Reason #3: Classroom Handouts Can Now Go Digital

Teachers spend an average of $745 per year on materials, and much of this is spent on the basics like paper and pencils. Why haven’t most classrooms gone paperless yet? 

Teachers often hang onto their paper content because they aren’t sure of the digitizing process. Stop making copies, and turn your PDF and paper assignments into digital interactive activities with TeacherMade.

BONUS Reason #4: Giving Feedback to Every Student is a Reality

TeacherMade makes giving feedback to every student a reality. As all Teachers know, feedback is the best way to raise student achievement. But often, there’s not enough time in the day! With TeacherMade, Teachers can watch their students work and offer guidance in real-time. Grading student-constructed responses is also made easier. 

What are you waiting for?

Join TeacherMade today! Set up your FREE TeacherMade account today, and enjoy a 30 day FREE trial of TeacherMade PRO.