What are the best teaching tools for educators?

Teaching tools should be seamless. Have you ever adopted a new teaching tool and then found it caused more headaches than it cured? You need to address two questions before inviting an online teaching tool into your classroom:

    1. Does it help me perform my duties as a teacher better?
    2. Does the app benefit my students?

That’s it. But often, online apps for education don’t seem to pass the test. Teachers love TeacherMade because it allows them to focus on what matters most– teaching. Ed Tech tools should be easy and powerful while bringing higher engagement levels to your students.

Teaching Tools

Teaching Tools for Educators

What are online tools that can integrate with Google?

If you’re a Google user in the classroom, you know how frustrating it is when EdTech doesn’t integrate with GAFE (Google Apps for Education). Here are a few teaching tools that you can use today.

Google Classroom is an invaluable online teaching hub, but creating an assignment can be time-consuming. You have to recreate your paper assignments, and Google Form’s limited features mean you have to sacrifice the original intent of your assignments to create digital versions. TeacherMade bridges these gaps with its seamless Google Classroom integration.

Are you over Zoom yet? Google Meet is an excellent video conferencing tool that integrates with other Google Apps, and you can use it with many extensions for remote teaching.

TeacherMade transforms existing slide presentations, such as PowerPoint or Google Slides, into interactive activities for students. It fully integrates with Google Slides, Google Docs, and Google Classroom.

TeacherMade Slide View is a tool offered by TeacherMade that enables teachers to convert their slide presentations into interactive assignments. By importing their slides into the TeacherMade app, teachers can add interactive elements, such as draggable objects, clickable links, and text boxes, to engage students in active learning. The feature supports various question types, including multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and true/false.

TeacherMade offers flexibility and convenience by allowing teachers to leverage their existing slide presentations and convert them into interactive assignments without the need for additional software. Teachers can easily create and distribute these interactive slides to students through learning management systems like Google Classroom or Canvas.

This feature also provides automatic grading, saving teachers time and effort. The TeacherMade app instantly scores multiple-choice and true/false questions, providing immediate feedback to students. Teachers can track student progress, view scores, and analyze data to inform their instruction.

With the right teaching apps and free teacher resources, educators and teachers can streamline their activities with effective communication.

If your district uses Schoology, it may be difficult to find apps that integrate with Schoology. TeacherMade integrates with Schoology seamlessly. It’s the perfect option if you have been looking for a free online teaching tool that converts your paper worksheets into online interactive activities. It takes just a few minutes to get a worksheet set up.

It’s easy to make worksheets for Canvas. TeacherMade integrates with Canvas LMS. It’s simple. Just upload your PDF or file, and your document becomes the background of your digital worksheet. Then you can add questions anywhere to the document. You can even add answers to make your online worksheets self-scoring.

Teaching tools with Microsoft are essential in the classroom. Are you always making quick worksheets, quizzes, and activities in Microsoft Word? You can convert Microsoft Docx files into interactive worksheets using the TeacherMade teaching tool.

If you’re having difficulty connecting to colleagues virtually, we’ve rounded up some collaboration tools you can use in your classroom. Use collaboration tools with students, colleagues, or even just communicate better in the classroom.

Grab attention and keep it in your math class. Shannon McGuire, certified math and special ed teacher, breaks down the best EdTech tools for the high school math class. She started using online teaching tools for differentiation in her classroom as a luxury but realized it is now a necessity.

TpT Easel and TeacherMade have many comparable features, but TeacherMade has a more robust set of options.

There are many options for digital worksheet makers. We compared the tools that convert interactive worksheets from paper. Here are some deep dives into some of the major online worksheet makers.

Liveworksheets have a lot of public worksheets online, but that’s where the benefits stop. See how TeacherMade compares to Liveworksheets. TeacherMade’s intuitive design makes it easy to convert worksheets into digital activities.

All the making of teacher burnout has been brewing over the last few years: overworked (check!), the stress in the workplace (check!), less respect (check!), low pay (check!), and the list goes on. The key to teacher burnout is recognizing the signs before it happens and creating a culture within your school that combats burnout. Here are the top tips and tools to help reduce teacher burnout.

Do you feel swallowed up by grading at the end of each grading period? Are you spending your prep time, evenings, and weekends grading papers? We’ll walk you through some tips to make grading and report cards easier. Lighten your load with TeacherMade.

Regain your time with TeacherMade’s auto-grading function so you can give students more of what they need: better student feedback and instruction.

Dedicated teachers are working so hard and are beginning to burn out. There is an easier way to free up your time and still help the students who need your support. Here are some techniques to help teachers spend less time grading and still give students the quality education they deserve.

Are you tired of making worksheets in Schoology? Making online worksheets and assignments can be frustrating when there is limited functionality. There is a way to upgrade your worksheet creator and still have assignments that integrate with your Schoology LMS. Read on to find out how.

“Show your work!” is an age-old instruction from math teachers everywhere. But the world has come a long way from copying problems off the blackboard. These days, the rise of interactive math worksheets and digital math worksheets present new mediums for teaching the problem-solving process in the math classroom.

Here, we’ll explore some of the benefits of having students show their work, and we’ll look into some technological tools that can help students show their work digitally.

TeacherMade is a tool that creates online digital worksheets. You can enhance interactive assignments with options like Drag and Drop. You will see engagement levels increase. Read on to see how our Drag and Drop feature works.

Having an effective lesson plan can make your day easier and more organized for school. Lesson plans help teachers know what students are learning. We will look at resources for creating effective lesson plans for middle school teachers.

There’s always a push to make classrooms more personalized and pursue more multimodal options. But you may already have a good infrastructure developed with PowerPoint or Google Slides. You don’t want to dump what already works. 

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, tweak the slide decks, PowerPoint, and Google Slide presentations you already have in your arsenal.


TeacherMade simplifies assignments in the classroom and online

    • Convert existing PDFS, DOCX, and other file types into online assignments
    • Transform teaching materials into interactive activities using TeacherMade’s app
    • Assign worksheets to students using your preferred LMS platforms like Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology
    • Share and collaborate with other stages
    • Ditch the copy machine, lighten your load, and go paperless
    • Accommodate diverse learners with features like voice directions.

Save time with auto-grading and give personalized feedback to your students.

Teachers Love TeacherMade

TeacherMade is the online teaching tool that does it all

Bring your teaching materials into 2022. TeacherMade makes it easy to take PDFs, Word documents, or image files and turn them into interactive digital worksheets. It’s the ideal teaching tool to bridge the gap between your existing materials and new digital resources that your students need.