TeacherMade vs. Liveworksheets

At TeacherMade, we have worked hard to create the most intuitive digital worksheet creator for Teachers.TeacherMade simplifies the process of converting your existing worksheets into online worksheets for your students. It’s simple to get started

We’re a little biased, and we think TeacherMade is your best bet. But take a moment and compare TeacherMade and Liveworksheets before you sign up for a 30-Day Free Trial.

TeacherMade vs. Liveworksheets

Benefits of TeacherMade as an online Teacher tool

Intuitive Design

We talked with Teachers who have experience using both TeacherMade and Liveworksheets. Regina B. thinks that TeacherMade is more user-friendly. She says, “The visual format for the options makes it easier to understand the capabilities for each one. If I clicked on something and didn’t understand, the dropdown help menu was readily available.” She also found a lot of help with TeacherMade’s videos and community.


TeacherMade has an intuitive format that makes it easy to format your online worksheets. Our toolbar makes it easy to add features such as different question types, Teacher text, audio, and visuals to your digital worksheets. Science Teacher Tiffany S. loves the ease of formatting a document on TeacherMade. She explains, “ This makes for a much quicker formatting and does not require memorization of text format to get various types of questions incorporated into your worksheet.” 


Sometimes you have recurring assignments in your classrooms, and you don’t want to start from scratch. Duplicating is the feature for you. Tiffany S. uses this all the time when making digital worksheets, “TeacherMade offers the “duplicate” option which is useful for adding in multiple of the same type of question and then one can simply edit the response to reflect a different concept.  This saves time in not having to create a new text box and size it each and every question.”

Class Integration

Both TeacherMade and Liveworksheets offer the versatility to link or add assignments to Google Classroom or other online class formats. The activities created through each app can also be assigned directly through the app. This flexibility allows you to decide how you want to integrate the technology into your classrooms. 

Here’s where the two apps diverge: TeacherMade can be used with Canvas and Schoology. Use Liveworksheets with Microsoft Teams and Whatsapp. This is an important consideration if you teach in the U.S. as several LMS (learning management systems) are used throughout the country, and not all are represented in the Liveworksheet app. Not being able to link the activities in Liveworksheets to your district’s LMS means more time on the Teacher’s end to create a group for their students within the app and then assign and track grades that need to be transcribed into your grading system.

Similar to TEI for standardized tests

Text Enhanced Items (TEIs) are how your students will be assessed at the state level. TeacherMade has various question types that make it easy to create authentic practice and assessment for your students. TeacherMade includes so many options for creating TEIs for your students:

Collaboration and Sharing

Choose who you share and collaborate with when you use TeacherMade. TeacherMade makes it easy to share with your colleagues. Just provide a link to the worksheet that you would like to share. This functionality is a little different on Liveworksheets. The worksheets that you create become public, and you have little control over who sees them.

Works with word docs, pdf, and png formats

TeacherMade believes Teachers are the best curators of student materials and tools. The problem comes when they try to digitize their materials for online learning. That is why we’ve made it easy to use what you have. Transform your existing materials into online worksheets. TeacherMade works with word docs, pdf, png, and jpg formats.

Benefits of Liveworksheets as a Teacher resource

Liveworksheets has a few benefits that you should know about as well. It can be a great tool for the right situation. We’ve rounded up a few of the features that make it different from TeacherMade.

Public worksheets

Public worksheets on Liveworksheets can be a great feature if you are on the hunt for online Teacher resources. (The downside is your students can probably find these worksheets too.) But, Teachers like Tiffany S. love this feature: 

“This is what I see to be the only area in which this app has a leg up on TeacherMade.  It can be a big support and huge timesaver to have the availability to search through already created work and find items that fit the requirements that one needs for a particular subject area or concept within a class.  Instead of having to start from square one for each interactive activity, using shared work can offer the same benefits and allow for more time to be allocated to other responsibilities for the Teacher.”

Workbook feature

Liveworksheets has a workbook feature that many Teachers find appealing. It allows you to create a collection of worksheets and assign them to your students as a digital workbook. Science Teacher Tiffany S. explains how she would use this feature in her classroom:

“I can see the utility in this specific to science classes in that a lab book or supplemental activity workbook could be created for each unit.  This allows for one distribution to students, but a natural chunking of the work so as not to overwhelm the students with long documents.” 

Download worksheets to your computer

Liveworksheets also gives you the functionality to download worksheets straight to your desktop. So it can be an option for those looking for Teacher resources and need to have a paper copy that is very accessible.

TeacherMade’s features and benefits make it the best choice for online digital worksheets

Join thousands of other Teachers in digitizing your online materials with TeacherMade.